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Thread: New owners Needed League 24 years old roto 5x5

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    Default New owners Needed League 24 years old roto 5x5

    5x5 Roto League

    OBP instead of AVG.

    Looking to add owners with an expansion draft. Players not kept by existing owners will be put on to an expansion roster to be drafted from by new owners. Looking to get to 16 or more teams this year.

    2 year commitment for 150$ 50 for 1st year and 100 for second year which is normal league fee.

    Great group of knowledgeable guys look to add some stiff competition. League Rules Below!!!

    Contact me at
    [email protected]

    Player Available so far:

    A. Judge OF NYY
    G. Sanchez C NYY
    G. Cole SP Hou
    M. Olson 1B Oak
    A. Rendon 3B Was
    I. Happ 2B ChiC
    C. Blackmon OF Col
    F. Freeman 1B Atl
    M. Conforto OF NYM
    D. Keuchel SP F/A
    J. Sheffield SP Sea
    K. Wright SP Atl

    Among many others and more to come.

    I. Governance

    A. The commissioners of the BCTNL Aaron Tonning and James W. Foland Sr. The commissioners ruling on any disputes regarding this league is final.
    B. A three-person committee, chosen at the commissionerís sole discretion, may be used to handle disputes on a case by case basis if the commissioner determines this process necessary. For the 2016 season, this committee will consist of Alex Vonwittkamp, Chris King & Charlie Smith

    II. Object

    A. To assemble a legal line-up, as defined by these rules. Who has league leading cumulative statistics, from first to last place. Based on the actual numbers, that takes place in Major League Baseball.

    III. Teams

    A. The BCTL shall be made up to 20 teams.
    B. Partner owners have full authority to transact roster moves without consent of the other partner(s).
    C. Team names must be tasteful & cannot be changed during the BCTL season. A team may not change names if it has previously won a BCTL title unless there is a change in ownership.

    IV. Roster

    A. Each teams' active roster consists of the following 25 players:
    1 first baseman (1B)
    1 second baseman (2B)
    1 third baseman (3B)
    1 shortstop (SS)
    2 catchers (C)
    1 Middle Infielder (SS, 2B)
    1 Corner Infielder (1B, 3B)
    5 outfielders (OF)
    1 Utility Hitter (UT)
    1 Extra Utility (hitter or pitcher)
    4 starting pitchers (SP)
    4 relief pitchers (RP)
    2 other pitchers (OP) [starter or reliever]
    4 Bench Players (2 OP and 2 Position Players)

    B. A reserve roster can have from 0 to 15 players on it

    V. Position Eligibility

    A. Players may be assigned to a position he appeared in at least 10 games the previous season. If he did not play 10 games at any one position he may be drafted / assigned only to the position he appeared most frequently. During the BCTL season a player may be assigned to any position in which he appears in at least three games.

    B. If DH was the only position the player is eligible for, the player may only be assigned to the XU/UT as a hitter.

    C. Players with NO MLB EXPERIENCE may be drafted into any position marked eligible by the CBS site. If the player is moved out of that position during the season and does not qualify there, then he can only be put in the position he qualifies at.

    VI. Auction Draft Day

    A. The auction draft will take place on a date to be announced each season,
    B. The drafting procedure will proceed as in previous years. The Drafting Procedure is an Auction format. Players go to the highest bidder. Auctioneer sets the pace of the auction by calling for final bids.
    C. Teams must nominate a player on their turn. Failure will result in a player being nominated for them. Player to be selected will be from the top of roster down. Position selected starting from the C too UP Positions. The Top player available according to CBS will be the player nominated at a 1$ starting bid.
    D. Each team will get one, one-minute time out.

    VII. The Farm (Minor League) Draft

    A. The farm draft consists of ten rounds (15 rounds in 2019) & will be done using CBS the Monday following the main auction draft. The drafting order is based on the prior yearís standings as follows for each round:

    The first team not to get in the money will have the first pick and the 4 or 5 teams that finish in the money in make up the last picks in each round

    B. A Farm drafted player has a salary of 1 with a 10B contract. If the player has rookie status then he will be given a 5B contract. If the player has never played in a MLB game then he will receive a 5B* contract. (This contract will stay out 5B* until he has appeared in a MLB game.

    C. The Farm Draft is intended as your bench as well as future prospects minor league system.

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    Default Re: New owners Needed League 24 years old roto 5x5

    VIII. Cutting/Claiming Players

    A. Free agents are claimed through the CBS web site and will following CBS website claiming rules.
    B. All free agent claims are assigned a 10Y contract & count $1 toward the salary cap.
    C. Players can only be added from F/A pool to fill a roster need due to an injured or minor leagued player from the major league roster or if a player is underperforming.
    D. Once a Y contract player is removed from your active or injured roster for any reason the player will go back into the free agent pool. You CANNOT keep Y players on your bench.
    E. Any active MLB player who is not on a BCTL roster can be claimed the first full day after his activation (Example: Dodgers activate player X on Monday at noon. All claims sent in by 8pm will be considered valid).
    F. Teams may make an unlimited number of roster moves with the following stipulation: Any player called up to your active roster (whether it be from your Minor League system, a free agent claim) must remain active for a period of 10 calendar days unless his MLB status changes (sent to the minors(except Y contracts), placed on DL, etc..) or the player he directly replaced is activated from his MLB team disabled list.
    G. 10-day rule starts from start of season. No roster moves first 10 days after start of season unless Part C applies in this section.
    H. Any team making more than one free agent claim per day must put their 1st priority first, as after a team has gotten one free agent on a day then they will go to the back of the order to claim their 2nd player. So please make sure that you put the highest priority claim in your e-mail.
    I. Players must be taken off the INJURED roster within 72 hours after the ML team has activated the player. If the player is not taken off the INJURED roster within 72 hours then the player will be placed on the active roster for the player that he replaced when on the DL. If that player is no longer on the roster then it will be the player that replaced the first player and etc.

    IX. Contracts

    A. The terms, eligibility’s, and restrictions of contracts are as follows:
    (A) 3 years, 3rd year is option year
    (B) 3 years, no option, reserve bonus eligible*
    (B*) Coverts to a (B) when player plays first MLB game, minor league bonus eligible
    (C) 3-year, minor league extension contract
    (D) 2 years, 2nd year is option year
    (E) 2 years, no option, reserve bonus eligible *
    (F) 2 years, minor league extension contract
    (G) 1 year, option year (5$ per year, Max 4yrs),
    (GT) 1 year, no option,
    (H) 1 year, option add-on year (5$ per year, Max 3yrs),
    (I) 1-year, last year minor league extension, no option,
    (J) 2 years, no option --- *migrates to GT
    (M) 3 years, no option --- *migrates to J
    (P) 4 years, no option --- *migrates to M
    (S) 5 years, no option --- *migrates to P
    (Y) F/A pickup. Player dropped at seasons end.
    (Z) Commissioner added player do to inactivity of an owner.

    * All contracts A-H, migrate three letters forward (Example: A migrates to D). All contracts J-S, migrate three letters backward (S migrates to P).
    B. The reserve bonus is available to you if you have a qualifying player (5B, 5E, or 5H) and a first round draft pick. By forfeiting your draft pick the player begins the season in your minor leagues. The minor league rookie bonus is available for to you if you have qualifying player (5B*) and your lowest reserve picks can be used. There will be no maximum of minor league bonus players as long as you have reserve picks.
    C. Players entering their option years (G or H contracts), may be (1) cut without compensation, (2) allowed to play the final year at his assigned salary & the team would receive topping rights the following season, or (3) signed to an extension.
    1. The extension adds $5(G Contract) per extended season to the players’ current contract.
    2. The extension adds $5(H Contract) per extended season to the players’ current contract.
    Players’ contracts may only be extended once (Example: a player whose contract is 4G,5H, signed to a two-year extension, would now be 14M,15C respectfully) H contracts can be extended a max of 4 years. G contracts can be extended a max of 6 years.

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    Default Re: New owners Needed League 24 years old roto 5x5

    X. Standings

    A. The following criteria will be used to determine team performance:
    (HR) - Total Home Runs
    (RBI) - Total Runs Batted In
    (RS) - Total Runs Scored
    (SB) - Total Stolen Bases
    (OBP) – On Base Percentage
    (ERA) - Composite Earned Run Average
    (WHIP) - Composite Ratio: BB + Hits/IP
    (W) - Total Wins
    (S) - Total Saves
    (K) - Total Strikeouts

    Teams are ranked from first to last in each category.

    B. If a team fails to pitch 1200 innings during the course of the season, two (2) men on base will be added per inning to that team's total until its innings pitched equals 1200. Once a team reaches 2000 innings pitched, that team will no longer accrue stats. If a team fails to achieve 5000 at bats, one AB will be added to the team’s total until it reaches 5000. The standings will then be recalculated.

    C. Players must remain on your active roster for 10 days. Only if a player is minor leagued or injured can a player be replaced if shorter than 10 days on the active roster. (prevents streaming players and makes it more realistic to real baseball.)

    D. Pitchers offensive stats and offensive players pitching stats are not counted. If a player does play regularly both ways CBS allows them to be either a hitter or a pitcher. However only one position at a time. The 10, day rule must be observed.

    E. All ties in the final standings are ties. In order to determine draft order and other such league matters the team with the most at bats plus innings pitched will be placed ahead.

    XI. Stats

    A. The daily player-performance summaries at constitute the official database for the computation of standings.

    XII. Fees

    A. There is an annual fee of $100 and $50 for any expansion team with a $150 2-year commitment in order to join.

    B. A continued failure to pay league fees can result in the loss of your team. This could also affect your standing in other leagues in which we are all involved.

    XIII. Prize Fund

    A. All entrance fees (minus statistical site fee) will be put into the prize fund & divided amongst the below in the final standings as follows:

    B. Prizes for a league of 11 or less teams:

    First place......................55%
    Second place.................30%
    Third place....................15%

    C. Prizes for a league of 12 to 16 teams

    First place......................50%
    Second place.................25%
    Third place....................15%
    Fourth Place……………10%

    D. Prizes for a league of 17 to 20 teams

    First place......................40%
    Second place.................20%
    Third place....................16%
    Fourth Place……………14%
    Fifth Place------------------10%

    XIV. Transactions

    A. A player on an active BCTLMX roster must be replaced if he is:
    1. Placed on the MLB teams disabled list
    2. Sent to the minors
    3. Suspended/placed on bereavement list for more than 14 days
    4. In any way is removed from an active MLB roster

    B. Failure to replace an inactive player within TWO full transaction days will result in the league choosing a player under rule IX, section C (if an owner is on vacation, or otherwise out of communication, you may request a longer time frame to make your transactions as long as you let the commissioner know PRIOR to the vacation or event).

    C. A BCTLMX roster may be changed voluntarily by the following means:
    1. BCTL trade
    2. Cutting/waiving a player
    3. Expanding your roster in September

    D. A salary cap maximum of $275 for draft day is set for active players. And a $340 salary for active players must be maintained from the point immediately after the draft until August 31. If you exceed the cap the most expensive player on your roster shall be automatically waived using a Reserve Cut. If out of Reserve Cuts the player will go through waivers. If more than one player has the highest salary a hitter will be taken first over a pitcher. If there are two hitters or two pitchers, the commissioner will decide at random.

    XV. The Disabled List

    A. A player on the MLB disabled list is placed on his BCTLMX team's Bench.

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