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Thread: Morgan Frost?

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    Default Morgan Frost?

    How good is this guy? When are we expect to see him in the NHL?

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    Default Re: Morgan Frost?

    He's a quality prospect for sure. Hard to say when he will arrive. Could be as early as next year but could also be a couple years away. All depends on how he does at next years training camp.

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    Default Re: Morgan Frost?

    I am excited to see how he does at the World Junior camp and hopefully the tournament. He is cleaning up in the OHL again, but I want to see how he does against stiffer competition.

    If Hextall was the GM I would have suggested it would be a longer wait with his patience... but with new management it is anyone's guess. Looking for a quick fix they might try to plug and play him next year.

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    Default Re: Morgan Frost?

    Some will depend what new PHI-GM wants to do.

    Frost is VERY good... but not so good where I think he should go straight to NHL.
    I think his 2019-2020 time is best spent in AHL.

    He IS currently leading the (talent-lacking) OHL in scoring.

    He's a center - but most centers are overwhelmed in their rookie season in the NHL.
    Many (most) are best acclamated (sp?) by playing some wing.
    STL is smartly doing that with Robert Thomas right now... after letting him fail at C4 for a few weeks.

    PHI may or may not re-sign Wayne Simmonds. That's one big factor.
    And, they may or may not re-sign UFA Jordan Weal - who is currently playing C3.

    IF Simmonds walks... and IF Weal is let go... and IF new coach decides to go C1 Giroux, C2 Couturier, C3 Patrick...
    Then - there would be a major opportunity for Morgan Frost to play wing immediately.
    I don't think it would be wise to try to force Frost into C3 immediately - too much responsibility - and some criticize his biggest weakness as his NHL-footspeed (though Flyers fans argue it is fine).
    I, personally, don't see any weakness. (Might just be Pronman)

    Ultimately, I think he's the future C3 of the Flyers for 2020-2021 & 2021-2022.
    And summer of 2022, PHI will have Giroux AND Couturier as UFA.
    Giroux will be 34. Couturier will be 29. One may go.
    2022-on, Frost is probably the PHI C2.

    2019-2020 may be AHL or it may be on wing... I'll hedge that he'll be in AHL.

    He's solid though.
    I think he'll be sort of David Krejci like solid NHL C2.
    He's got a lot of good tools, just solid all-around, smart, great passer.
    55-65pt future NHL-er.

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    Default Re: Morgan Frost?

    Pengwin, what are you making of Patrick in your assessment of the Flyers future?

    You say Frost is probably C2 from 2022 on, where does that leave N. Patrick?

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