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Thread: Expert advice on young d-men

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    Default Expert advice on young d-men

    Hi everyone,
    I think this one is pretty tough and I need your advice.

    In a keeper league, points only, 3 d-men per team and 10 GM (so only the 30 best have value), who do you prefer in 2-3 years and why between Valimaki, Sanheim and Lijgren?

    Giordano could not take monster minutes in Calgary forever?
    Could Sanheim have the chance to show is talent behind Gostisbehere and Provorov?
    Will Lijgren have a chance in the future to play on the pp with all the Leaf stars?

    Thanks for any input

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    I like Sanheim but his situation is terrible in Philly. He's #3 on this list for me.

    I'm not sure who I prefer between Valimaki or Liljegren. Valimaki already playing and developing in the NHL is huge, but it's not like Liljegren isnt developing himself, albeit in the AHL.

    I do prefer Valimaki's situation better. Dmen are hard to predict. I'd probably want Valimaki here but Liljegren is close.

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    Default Re: Expert advice on young d-men

    I’m discouraged that Valimaki has received zero chance on PP - surprising if he has offensive upside.
    I expect Toronto will not resign Gardiner and Liljegren will be running the 2nd PP next year.

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    I drafted Valimaki hoping he would at least produce something at the NHL level. For now he's a third pair 0PP time defenseman but reports on him are favourable and he seems to show poise and to be calm with the puck and all. His +/- also seems to indicate he isn't a catastrophe defensively.

    I guess he is someone who will have the inside track on Anderson next year to have a look on the PP, I just wished it happened in the first half of this year though!
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