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Thread: T. Liljegren or E. Brannstrom

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    Default T. Liljegren or E. Brannstrom

    Not really concerned about arrival time, points only who would you take?

    Bonus question: Which player projects to be better defensively? Young D are tough to call of course and both need work.
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    Default Re: T. Liljegren or E. Brannstrom

    I think they're close in value and Liljegren gets much more hype because he's a Toronto draft pick but I've had Brannstrom slightly ahead for some time now.

    In Dobber's Fantasy Prospect Report, the average ranking had Liljegren at #22 while Brannstrom was #26. On my personal ranking (also visible in the report), Brannstrom was #32 and Liljegren #35. Cam Robinson, Managing Editor at DobberProspects, had Brannstrom at #30 and Liljegren at #35.

    What I'm getting at is that even though Liljegren may have more name value, Brannstrom deserved to be in that same conversation with him even before his strong preseason when most people started noticing him for the first time. I personally like Brannstrom a bit more as I see him as the more dynamic offensive player. But he's also a bit buried behind Theodore and Schmidt on the left side in Vegas, so Liljegren may have an easier path to offensive minutes in Toronto.

    EDIT: As to who is better defensively, I would like to say Brannstrom but Liljegren took big strides in that area last season, so they're very close there as well. Liljegren is a bit bigger which gives him a slight advantage defensively.

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    Default Re: T. Liljegren or E. Brannstrom

    Give me Brannstrom here, I really like him. I would say both his floor and ceiling is higher than Liljegren?s.

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