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Thread: Need advice... Weekly lineup changes...

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    Default Need advice... Weekly lineup changes...

    This year, i'm playing in my first money Fantrax league. League settings are in signature.

    I need 2 advices concerning the settings:

    #1- The lineup changes are weekly and that's new to me. I'm having difficulty deciding who to put on active slots for the upcoming week. Maximize the numbers of games played ? Backstrom is only playing 2 games this week... and i'm having difficulty putting him on the bench.

    #2- Even thus the waiver claims are unlimited, it's not really a good idea to stream the waiver wire... since the active slots are limited ... am i correct ?

    Yahoo - 10 teams - Head to Head - 1 year league
    2C, 2LW, 2RW, 4D, 2 G, 4 Bench
    Categories: G, A, PPP, +/-, PIM, SHG, GWG, W, GAA, SV%, SHO

    C: Scheifele, Zibanejad, Barkov
    LW: Aho, Domi, Hertl
    RW Kucherov, Atkinson, Zuccarello
    D: Hamilton, Gustafsson, Muzzin, Morissey
    G: Vasilevsky , Hellebuyck, Koskinen

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    Default Re: Need advice... Weekly lineup changes...

    I've done Fantrax for a few years nows. So to answer your questions...

    1.) I always try to max. games played, but within reason. Never a fan of slotting anyone in for two games. Usually in these 12 team leagues you can find some value on that FA list for 4 games and it's even better if they are hot lately!

    2.) Personally, I like to stream at least a few spots, 2-3 for forwards and 1 for defense... some weeks it works great... others not so much. It's more of a personal preference and entirely dependant who you have on your team. In your case players like Gaudreau, Backstrom, DeBrincat, Wheeler and Doughty would be guys I'd always want to have slotted in (unless they are only playing 2 games... then refer to my answer to 1.)

    Make sure you're looking at your opponent each week and seeing just how many games he will be getting. As an example, my week coming up, buddy is only getting 28 games... assuming he doesn't make any last minute moves. I'm already at 33 so I likely won't go through the trouble of moving anyone...especially since there aren't many teams playing 4 games next week.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
    1 Yr. - 12 Team - H2H - Pts. - Unlimited Claims - No Trades

    Scoring Categories: (Pts.)
    Skaters - G (4), A (3), HITS (0.25), SHG (2), SOG (0.5), PPP (1)
    Goalies - A (3), GA (-1), SV (0.25), SHO (5), W (5)

    F: Benn, Pavelski, Skinner,
    Hoffman, Duchene, Hayes, Hischier, Perron, Wilson, Smith, Stasny
    Jones, Subban, Spurgeon
    G: Hellebuyck, Allen

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