Ok so I'm into week 2. Last week I made a couple drop/claims. Dropped drouin (I'm a plus minus league, playing on mtl even if he scores 60 he probably wont be relevant) and galchynuk ( just dont know how hurt he really is).

I claimed cholowski and goldobin. Both are league min salaries which will keep me cap compliant once seth Jones comes off the IR. Also cholowski allowed me to send heiskanen back to the minors so I don't have to use a keeper spot on him at years end.

This has left me some extra cap space. I'm considering dropping buchnevic in favour of one of the following 3. Hertl, J. Bailey or Hornqvist.

I'm leaning towards hertl simply because hes fhe cheapest option and he's triple position eligible and takes alot of faceoff and about 55% on faceoff win over his career. Also hes currently centering the top PP and even if jumbo pushes him down to 2nd unit on his return. The 2nd unit is still very strong.

My other option would to keep buchnevic and move grubauer for lundquist as my 3rd goalie. If one of my main 2 goes down and grubauer is backing up or time sharing it's going to hurt.

My other conundrum is by sending heiskane down to minors I now have 6 farm team players and can only keep 5 at seasons end. My farm currently is mittelstadt,tolvanen,brannstrom, heiskanen, and makar. And im rostering wahlstrom on my regular roster.

Someone is going to have to go. And as much as hate to say it I'm thinking mittelstadt maybe the odd man out. I already have eichel and reinhart as 2 of my keepers and unless mittelstadt becomes wing eligible I'm pretty set at center with barkov MacKinnon and eichel.

I dont mind using a roster spot on wahlstrom for the time being as I dont't really have the cap space to fill his spot with an impact player..... who do you guys think is the one I should be shopping?