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Thread: JVR & Simmonds

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    Default JVR & Simmonds

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if Simmonds gets better or worse with JVR being out. Simmonds is a FA in my pool and I was thinking about grabbing him. Would you suggest that move and if so who would you drop (not including Darling)?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: JVR & Simmonds

    he was on the opposite wing as JVR with Vorobyov - 3rd line... so no... I don't think this really affects Simmonds much at all. I think you need to let Darling go. I know you want to hamstring the other owners in your pool... but in doing so, you're actually affecting your ability to sub in a forward on a more regular basis and potentially obtain more points. With your other 3 goalies, you'll maybe get Darling in once every two weeks - if you catch a start on an off night...

    You really need to start considering dropping Darling to boost your overall line up.
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    Default Re: JVR & Simmonds

    from your forward group i'd drop just about anyone but Benn and Pavelski for Simmonds and i also second dropping darling

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