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Thread: The Journey: Breakout Candidates in Sweden

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    Default The Journey: Breakout Candidates in Sweden

    This week at "The Journey" I'm taking a closer look at three prospects from Sweden: Dominik Bokk (STL), Jesper Boqvist (NJD) and Emil Bemstrom (CBJ). Are we going to see an offensive breakout from them this season in the SHL?

    >> The Journey: Breakout Candidates in Sweden

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    Default Re: The Journey: Breakout Candidates in Sweden

    Nice article and thanks for the insight.

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    Default Re: The Journey: Breakout Candidates in Sweden

    3 more to put on my radar.
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    Default Re: The Journey: Breakout Candidates in Sweden

    I picked up Bemstrom in my prospect draft back in July, no one has heard of this guy and when I posted a stat about how he was tied for the lead in the SHL in goals on the CBJ subreddit, no one cared haha
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