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Thread: Matt Duchene to Red Wings

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    Default Matt Duchene to Red Wings

    With the recent news of Zetterberg needing to retire, this opens up a prime spot for Matt Duchene. He's 27, still in young-ish years that matches up with Detroit's intent.

    Detroit receives Matt Duchene from Ottawa.
    Ottawa receives Evgeny Svechnikov and a 2nd round pick in 2019 ( Detroit has two 2nd rounders next year).

    Put Zetterberg on LTIR with Franzen. This covers Duchene $6m hit.

    This trade gives 3 lines of good center skill.

    C1- Larkin
    C2- Duchene
    C3 - Athanasiou

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    Default Re: Matt Duchene to Red Wings

    That would be a cheap price if Duchene was willing to re-sign with the Red Wings.

    Where's Nielsen in your scenario? $5.25M for 4 more years - it's not like they're going to put him on the 4th line.

    Rasmussen will also likely end up being a center after a year or two on the wing first. Likely the #2 center behind Larkin. Veleno is another center coming up in the next couple of years. Are the Red Wings going to be a good team with Duchene or would they be better off waiting for their own kids to develop? I think they need a full-blown rebuild. Build around Larkin, Zadina, Rasmussen, Mantha, Veleno. They don't have much on defense - that should be their primary focus.

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    Default Re: Matt Duchene to Red Wings

    That would be another bad deal for the Sens...but who knows!
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    Default Re: Matt Duchene to Red Wings

    Colorado would vote for that deal.
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    Default Re: Matt Duchene to Red Wings

    Duchene's price is going to be directly affected by two things this year a. his on ice production with Ott and b. how much of that $6m pricetag they are willing to eat.

    I don't see Det as an option primarily because they're 1-2 years ahead of Ott in a rebuild - they're after similar assets. prospects/picks
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