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Thread: HR's Week 2 Lineups

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    Default HR's Week 2 Lineups

    1-1 last week. Not bad.

    Both 10 team 0.5 PPR leagues.

    League 1

    Conner, Hopkins and Hilton are locked.

    I need 1 RB, 1 W/T and 1 W/R.

    RB: Conner vs KC, Royce vs Oak, Fournette vs NE (4:25 game), Jamaal vs Min (1pm), Breida vs Det (4:05), Ekeler @ Buf
    WR: Stills @ NYJ, Godwin vs Phi

    League 2

    Pick 1: Stills @ NYJ, Mike Williams @ Buf, Garcon vs Det

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    Default Re: HR's Week 2 Lineups

    League 1

    1RB - Royce vs Oakland - I expect game script to result in a lot of running for Freeman. And I don't think Lindsay is as good as he appeared in week 1. This is Freeman's backfield.

    1W/T - This is a toss up - I don't like either of these players in either of these matchups. If I have to chose one... I pick Stills and hope that is a more open game.

    1W/R - I think you have to have Fournette sitting in this position and ready to play. If he doesn't play then you toss Breida in.

    LEague 2

    Garcon - I don't expect Stills to be as free-rolling as last week. I think the Jets have a good D. And I think the Chargers get up big on Buffalo early that the receivers for LA are not part of the game unless they score in the first half. Which is too much of a risk for me.

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