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My only issue with anything stated in this thread is this statement. It's equivalent to people saying "now isn't the time to talk about gun control" or the anthem "isn't the time to protest". The appropriate time to address it is when there is enough attention on it that change might actually happen.
There's a time and a place and a way to do it.

In my eyes, she failed on both. She dials it back on court, and maybe lets say just gets the 2 violations, and finishes the game then address it at the post-game interview. It would have been asked by the reporters, she would have had some time to think of a response, and it would have started this "movement" (I put in quotes because it prolly has been addressed by women before, but she needs to start it).

However. I can't deny the fact this has brought it to light for the average person, and it has tennis-pros openly talking about sexism in the sport. So....yeah she did what she wanted? I just can't say I'm a fan of how she did it, but I now can't deny it's effectiveness.

News though, Refs may sit out games because of is http://www.sportingnews.com/us/tenni...b1arl08r1o5fyu