Half-point PPR, limited keeper. No future keeper implications for me (barring something disastrous -- *knock wood* -- DJ will be my RB keeper for the next few seasons). But this could have future keeper implications for him, so I recognize he'll likely be a little more skeptical at first blush.

My RBs corp includes:

Marlon Mack

His RBs corp includes:


So, for several reasons (some, admittedly, a bit nonsensical in a vacuum), I'm thinking of making a potential offer as follows:

My -- Mixon and Mack


His -- McCaffrey and Edmunds

My logic is as follows: I rank McCaffrey a bit ahead of Mixon this year, and while it wouldn't surprise me if Mixon came out ahead, I think he has higher bust potential too; DJ and Mixon have the same bye week; I already have the DJ/Mixon starting duo in my main league, so diversifying here across leagues makes some sense to me (both are money leagues); the tag along pieces in the deal make some sense for both of us from a cuffing perspective (differences in standalone value aside), giving him the Mack-Wilkins duo and giving me Edmunds as protection against a DJ injury (I like my squad, but Rex, Michel, Mack -- all have committee questions if forced into weekly action).

So, all in all, I like Mixon quite a bit but was really hoping Howard or Freeman would fall to me in our limited redraft last night specifically so I could manage my overall risk across leagues a tad. Didn't shake out that way, but I wasn't willing to pass on Mixon as a result in favor of players I have ranked lower. This seems like a workable after-the-fact solution.

So what do you think? An offer worth making?