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Thread: Josh Donaldson traded to Cleveland

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    Default Re: Josh Donaldson traded to Cleveland

    What's the download on Merryweather?

    Just checking up on Donaldson now and it looks like he managed to get back on track on Cleveland. Pretty solid numbers with the bat.
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    Default Re: Josh Donaldson traded to Cleveland

    Quote Originally Posted by 2014olympicgold View Post
    The PTBDL has been named now.

    Julian Merryweather
    25 years old with a good fastball. Has a lot to prove.

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    Default Re: Josh Donaldson traded to Cleveland

    Merryweather had TJS, missed 2018 season. Was a flamethrower, 97mph was easy for him. All I really know. It was the guy the media assumed the Jays were getting.

    He's a 1991 baby, so he's gonna end up being a bit of a late bloomer just with TJ recovering and such. Article below says 91-94mph, but I've also ready 97mph. So I dunno.
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