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Thread: McCoy and Hilton for RB

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    Default McCoy and Hilton for RB

    Wondering what RB to target with McCoy and Hilton? 10-team, non-PPR league.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: McCoy and Hilton for RB

    In a vacuum, I'd target someone in the Hunt, Cook , Freeman, Howard range. But it could be tough.

    I'd be ecstatic to get someone like Fournette, but that feels overly optimistic ... particularly in a 10 teamer where folks are more likely to already have quality RB/WR depth, which makes the TY/McCoy combo less enticing (and non-PPR generally lessens TY's value compared to an upper echelon RB, and TY is the straw that's largely going to have to stir the drink here). Frankly, Hunt and Cook might be rather tough to pull too for the same reasons, but recent trends have them falling a bit so you might be able to capitalize.

    It's all going to come down to the roster make up of the team you're trying to deal with. It's very hard to gauge things from a straight a value perspective of weighing player A vs. players B and C. The question you need to ask is whether the contemplated deal you're offering will help the other team.

    If the honest answer is "no" or "maybe" or "well, it could if...", then chances are you're barking up the wrong tree and will find it very difficult to reach a sensible deal.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: McCoy and Hilton for RB

    Appreciate the feedback. I tried Hunt and got shut down, currently working on the Cook owner, but no response yet.

    I'm just not liking the red flags surrounding McCoy, so I'd like to get rid of him before the season starts. TY was to sweeten the deal. Although, McCoy has RB1 upside, which gives me pause. I also have Michael Thomas who I'd be willing to package with McCoy, but then I'd have to get a first round RB back and that seems less likely.

    I'd also consider McCoy/Hilton for a top tier WR such as Julio or even McCoy straight up for someone like JuJu or Cooper?

    You mentioned Freeman, whose owner has expressed interest in McCoy (Bills fan) so that seems like the best bet.

    Anyways, lots of moving parts, I'll figure something out.


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    Default Re: McCoy and Hilton for RB

    I should also mention that I drafted McCoy in the 5th round (45th pick), so it was kind of a value pick and not a huge investment. He's currently sitting in my flex. Other RBs are Barkley and Royce Freeman (I reached a bit, I'm a boom or bust guy). I'm starting to think I might just hold him. He'll get the touches at the very least, and I got decent RB depth if he sucks.

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