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Thread: Schmaltz vs rantanen

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    Default Schmaltz vs rantanen

    I had a trade request for my Rantanen. A team offered me Schmaltz and Talbot for Rantanen. As of now my 2 goalies are Holtby and Smith but I would like another goalie and use Smith as my IR goalie. I know Rantanen is the way better forward but out of all the goalies out there to choose from, Talbot can help me more. The top goalies (starting goalies) which are not drafted in our league are Fleury, M Jones, Raanta, Schnider.

    Goalie points being 2 pts a win and +3 for a shut out, which is the better combo to go with;
    Mike Smith and Rantanen (instead of Smith, I can choose
    Fleury, M Jones, Raanta)
    Nick Schmaltz and Talbot
    6 Team Keeper.
    Salary Cap $85M, 2 players 1/2 price option (Can?t be same position)
    Points only G/A=1, Hattrick = +3, W= 2, SO = +3, OTL/SOL = +1

    12 F, 6 D, 2 G, 6 Reserve

    OV $9.5m, KANE $5.2m, MacKinnon $6.3m, Huberdeau $5.9m,
    M Grandlund $5.7m, JT Miller $5.2m , W Karlsson $5.2m,
    C Keller $1.6m, Boeser $1.4m, Rantanen $1.6m, Mantha $3.3m, K Fiala $1.3m

    O E Larsson $5.5m, Yandle $6.3m, Pietroangelo $6.5m, Byfuglien $3.8m,
    J Gardiner $4m, E Karlsson $6.5m

    Holtby $6.1m,
    M Smith $4.2m

    Zucker $5.5m, Zibenajad $5.3m, Zuccarello $4.5m,
    D Seversen $4.1m, T.J. Brodie $4.6m
    ** Need a Goalie **

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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    What do you mean by "not drafted" with the list? Are they just available to be picked up? If so just pick one of them up and don't trade Rantanen.
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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    KEEP RANTANEN! There are 3 excellent choices to choose from and while Talbot is a good goalie himself, I don't think he's worth giving up Rantanen for.
    12 team lifetime pool. 19 skaters - No positional requirements / 3 goalies (2 count for points)
    Taxi Squad - players have 5 year protection then must be called up or dropped.
    Goals and Assists count for points. Goalies get 1.5 for a win / 4.5 pts for a SO and points for G/A.

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    Varlamov, Ward

    Ho-Sang, Ang, Trenin, Dal Colle, Kamanev, Hawryluk, Demko, Suzuki

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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    keep Rantanen big time!! and replace Smith by Fleury if you want my opinion...
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    Defense: G, A, short handed time (0,25 pt / 2 min)
    Goalies: W 2 pt, OT lost 1pt, Shootout lost 1pt, shutout 1pt extra

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    D: Karlsson, Josi, Yandle, Provorov, Brodie, Montour, Orlov, Lindell, Daley
    G: Fleury, Allen, Schneider, Darling
    Farm: Yamamoto, Glass, Hicketts, Fabbro, Cholowsky, Samsonov, Blackwood

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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    Keep Rantanen
    1 Team Points Only Pool 12 Teamer
    We Keep 4 Players

    C - Kopitar, Giroux (C/LW)
    LW - Hall, Ehlers
    RW - Tarasenko, Seguin(C/RW)
    Util - MacKinnon, Getzlaf
    D - Karlsson , Burns,Letang
    G - Bishop, Vasilevskiy

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    Duchene (C/RW), Shaw (C/RW), Zacha (C/LW) Krejci

    LW - Ehlers, Skinner, Perron (LW/RW), Rust (LW/RW), Domi

    RW - Kucherov, Kessel, Stone, Radulov

    D - Carlson, Klingberg, Hamilton, Fowler, Borowieke

    G - Holtby, Allen, Bobrovsky, Reimer

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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    Yeah, if it's as simple as picking up one of those available goalies, Fleury is going to return very good numbers this year. Keep Rantanen and pick up Fleury.

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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    keep Rantanen

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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    Is Talbot even an upgrade over Jones, MAF, or Raanta? Keep Rantanen and upgrade your goalie in other ways.
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    D- Burns, Ristolainen, Giordano, Barrie, McAvoy, Leddy, Niskanen, Spurgeon, McNabb
    G- Talbot, Andersen, Schneider, Kiskonen

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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    I?d keep Rantanen and pick up Martin Jones.

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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    Quick quick decline on that one. Rantanen is the clear best player in this deal. That offer is not worth your time.

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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    The only way this makes sense to me is if the OP means one of those goalies is available to be drafted. If they are free agents, this trade offer is a slam dunk decline. I'd try to acquire Fleury, Raanta and Jones, in that order.

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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    Keep Rantanen

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    Default Re: Schmaltz vs rantanen

    I'd just grab one of those goalies from the wire. Rantanen's value in a cap league is way higher than what you'd be getting back.
    10 team Head-to-head true dynasty. Roster 33, draft 2, cut down before season. Start 1 G, 1-2 backup G's, 6 D, 12 F arranged in 4 lines of 3. Only categories that matter are Goals, Assists, Save% with a shutout bonus. Having NHL teammates helps.

    G: Holtby
    Backup G: F Andersen
    D: Carlson, Niskanen, Orlov, Letang, Klingberg, Gostisbehere
    F1: Voracek, Giroux, Couturier
    F2: Wheeler, Schiefele
    F3: Benn, Seguin,
    F4: Stamkos, Point
    F5: Tavares, Bailey
    Spare: MacKinnon

    G: (none)
    D: M Reilly, Ekman-Larsson, Werenski
    F: JT Miller, Namestnikov, Guentzel, Pavelski, Killorn, Bjorkstrand, Tuch, Labanc, Nyquist, Sprong


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