Figure I'd post an update the offer has been made.

My Tavares/Nyquist for his Rantanen/Landeskog, he's thinking about it.

Nyquist isn't likely to make my roster, unless my draft picks are complete turds, I have multiple other bubble guys suffer major injuries, or he has an unexpectedly awesome preseason, and Detroit is firing on all cylinders. None of those is likely.

Some of you asked for clarification on how the linemate boost works, since I said having NHL linemates help. The way NHL goals convert to league goals is by using assists. Each NHL goal is assigned a needed number of assists from 0-2. Assignment method: Originally was roll of a d10, now a random number generator does that work.

Probabilities with/without NHL teammate of league line:
0: 20%/10%
1: 50%/30%
2: 30%/60%

0 = Goal will automatically score
1 = Need an assist from a league linemate, if you have no league linemate with available assists, it becomes a goal needing 2 assists.
2 = Need 2 assists from anywhere on team

As you can see, having a NHL teamamte on your line, makes the player much more efficient. Since we use a single NHL game for every player every week, goals & assists are often scarce.