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Chicago is still a bubble playoff team at worst. Assuming Crawford isn't ready to start the year, Ward takes the reigns for weeks maybe months maybe the season. I think being Chicago's starter makes him a decent #2 tender in deeper leagues.

Luckily, my league seems as down on him as most, so I can see how things play out.
Here's a dirty little secret- Crawford's play in 2015-16 and 16-17 and the brilliance of the Kane/Panarin line made up for many of the team's deficiencies particularly on the blueline. Without Crawford and Panarin last year this team made a very predicable drop in the standings. I have absolutely no optimism for this team unless Crawford is starting. The blueline is still a mess with another year on Keith's bad knees. I've heard that Seabrook has lost weight and is training hard so maybe he can be at least a competent 2nd line dman. The Hawks have a couple of good dman prospects but they are a year or so away at the earliest. And Q has proven that he has no answers unless he has several HOFers in their prime and a deep roster.

So long story short, I don't want Ward unless we are talking late in a deep draft. They are a lottery team without Crawford. And don't forget how loaded the Central is. Even with Crawford they are probably playing for a wild card spot. Nashville, Winnipeg, and St. Louis are all much better than Chicago on paper. In terms of Ward, I would definitely take someone like Saros or whatever part of the Colorado tandem is available over Ward.