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Thread: 2QB 0.5 PPR Keeper Problem

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    Default 2QB 0.5 PPR Keeper Problem

    I posted this about a month ago and am wondering if opinions have changed. 10 team league. I do NOT have a 1st rd pick. So wouldn?t get a turn until maybe the 16th pick or so.

    Remember this is a 2QB league. I suspect 5/6 managers will need to draft a QB2 in the draft. Many others might decide to draft a 3rd if the right name appears.

    Worthy Players:

    Russell Wilson
    Leonard Fournette
    Alvin Kamara
    Antonio Brown
    Julio Jones

    This is between Wilson and Fournette to me. What would you do and why?
    12 Team NHL Keeper League -- H2H, Keep 4
    G, A, +/-, PPP, SOG, Hits
    W, GAA, SV%, SO

    C: Getzlaf
    C: Staal
    LW: Skinner
    LW: Ovechkin
    RW: Kessel
    RW: D. Brown
    D: Burns
    D: Klingberg
    D: Doughty
    D: Krug

    G: M. Murray
    G: Grubauer

    Bench: Lee, JT Miller, Dadanov, Marchessault, Dahlin

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    Default Re: 2QB 0.5 PPR Keeper Problem

    Can you trade Fournette or Jones for a pick? That would be my first option.

    If not it is between dropping those two for me.

    Jones is older and on the back nine. Fournette is on the front nine. But Jones is a pass catcher and since it is Ppr that is tougher.

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    Default Re: 2QB 0.5 PPR Keeper Problem

    Julio on the back 9? Lol.

    Wilson, AB, Julio, Kamara are your easy keepers. Good chance Fournette or someone similar will be there at your 2nd round pick. Zero chance Julio and Wilson will be.

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