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Thread: Trouba for Dumba (imagined)

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    Default Trouba for Dumba (imagined)

    I was at a Jets playoff game this past year and asked some locals at the bar what they thought about Trouba?s future with the franchise; during the 3 stars selection Trouba had his sweater off and took a tiny skate out and hustled back in. The other 2 Jets did a big clap to the crowd etc.

    Maybe he had a good reason but the locals I talked to thought he?d be gone sooner than later.

    I was really impressed with Dumba who?s also a right shot D and RFA and maybe the jets could do a Trouba for Dumba and draft pick deal, depending on how negotiations are going ...

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    Default Re: Trouba for Dumba (imagined)

    Winnipeg doesn't need RHD. They need LHD.

    Gardiner for Myers was brought up on TheScore and to me it makes more sense.
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    Default Re: Trouba for Dumba (imagined)

    I don't think there is any motivation for the Wild to do this. Dumba is their future/current offensive D man.

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