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Thread: Morgan Rielly, to keep or not to keep

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    Default Morgan Rielly, to keep or not to keep

    Last year he got 52 points as a 24 year old playing second fiddle to Gardiner. I believe Rielly is the best dman on the team and will take another step this year, possible hitting 60 points.

    The acquisition of Tavares to the Leafs makes this a tougher decision. The team I've assembled is in the signature with the league details.

    Essentially its come down to Rielly as my bubble boy and not sure what to do. I have a deal out right now for a 2nd rounder 11th overall for Rielly straight up, if I get that I think I'm happy, however I give this deal happening about 30% chances of happening since people don't like giving up 1st or 2nd rounders.

    I'm not sure if OEL has more trade potential, but he's definitely not someone I want to sell "low" right now. I have huge hopes in Ristolainen so I'm not trading him.

    What do you guys think? Is Rielly someone who has trade value in a 13 team league? Should I expect a 2nd, drop to a 3rd, or if I don't get a 2nd just let him go and target him as redraft material? What do you think Rielly has in store for next year?
    13 Team Rotto Keeper League (Keep 10)

    Positions: 4C, 4RW, 4LW, 6D, 2G, 5 extra
    Player Stats: G, A, Hits, PIM, SOG, +/-, PPP, SHP
    Goalie Stats: GAA, SV%, SV, SO, Wins

    Center: Matthews
    Right: Kucherov, Draisaitl, Pastrnak
    Left: Gaudreau, B. Schenn
    D: OEL, Ristolainen
    G: Vasilevskiy, Raanta

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    Default Re: Morgan Rielly, to keep or not to keep

    I think Rielly is going to be a fantasy stud for a long time in Toronto. I'd keep him and not look back

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    Default Re: Morgan Rielly, to keep or not to keep

    I wouldn?t trade Reilly, you justified keeping him in your post so why are you trying to convince yourself to trade him? Same with OEL. I?ll have to disagree with you on Risto as well, he is the one to trade of the three.

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    Default Re: Morgan Rielly, to keep or not to keep

    Depends on what you can get as an 11th pick..

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    Default Re: Morgan Rielly, to keep or not to keep

    I'm curious what your roto stats are but 11th overall for Reilly sounds like a decent return in a limited keeper.
    10 team full keeper roto 4C/LW/RW,6D,2G



    Under 250 gp farm
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    Default Re: Morgan Rielly, to keep or not to keep

    Personally I think your faith in Ristolainen is misplaced, unless you just think he can be a great Nikita Zadorov type (minus the PIM). He just isn't all that talented offensively. If he isn't on PP1 w/ Darlin then he is gonna go from 40-50ish points down to 20-30ish points pretty damn quick.

    If you value physicality, keep Risto. If you value points in bunches, keep Rielly. Whoever you don't keep you should obviously trade for best asset offered.

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    Default Re: Morgan Rielly, to keep or not to keep

    I'd definitely keep him over Ristolainen (and Raanta). He's either going to be backing Mathews' or Tavares' lines - I could be wrong but IMO he should be a shoe-in for 60 points at least.
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