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Thread: Josi or Buff?

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    Default Josi or Buff?

    Standard Yahoo league with following cats:

    G, A, Shots, SH%, PPP, SHP, Hits, Blocks, PIM.

    Would you keep Josi or Byfuglien? Can only keep one.

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    Default Re: Josi or Buff?

    This is a close one based on the categories and their production. But I have to go with the 5 year age preference and pick Josi.

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    Default Re: Josi or Buff?


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    Ugh, reluctantly Josi mostly due to the age gap. If I was going for the win over the next couple of seasons, I'd be keeping Byfuglien.

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    Default Re: Josi or Buff?

    Quote Originally Posted by Krysmo View Post
    Standard Yahoo league with following cats: SH%
    Since when does Yahoo offer Shooting% as a category?

    I'd keep Josi.
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