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Thread: Risto vs Trouba

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    Default Risto vs Trouba

    In a dynasty, multi cat setting with hits and blocks, how do you view these two guys? Who would you rather have? Do any of them consistently put up 40+ points.
    How does risto put up points with dahlin coming to town? This year, understandable, but after afterwards? Plus, Brendan guhle will be around soon and he's got nice offensive upside.
    Does trouba ever get the opportunity to put up points with buff in town, and niku coming up, not to mention Morrissey already being around and possibly ahead of him in taking over for buff as he gets older?
    Will either one be worth their contracts in a dynasty cap league?


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    Default Re: Risto vs Trouba

    I see similarities in both, but if I am going to choose I'd go with Ristolainen. Unless Buffalo is only going with 1D on their top PP unit, I am not sure that Dahlin blocks Risto. One shoots left and one shoots right. If anything they may end up complimenting each other instead of hurting. I dont see Guhle as an obstacle for Ristolainen anytime soon.

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    Default Re: Risto vs Trouba

    I'd rather have risto as well

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    Default Re: Risto vs Trouba

    Ristolainen for sure. I think in the future he will be partnered with Dahlin and will be a nice force as a unit.

    Trouba and Morrissey excelled in a shut-down role last year and I think they will continue to do that rather than be point producers.

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