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Thread: Did I make a good trade?

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    Default Did I make a good trade?

    Hi guys. In my full keeper pool, I traded my 12th overall pick in the 2018 prospect draft for Josh Ho-Sang. I was thinking outside of the box with the hopes of Lamoriello having a positive influence on JHS. I saw what happened with Kadri before he arrived and I am hoping that LL has the same effect on Ho Sang. In this pool, Goals are worth 3 points, assists 2 points, pp points 1, plus minus 1, shots on goal .1..hits .1 and blocks .1. Thanks for your valuable input guys.

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    Default Re: Did I make a good trade?

    JHS is feast or famine - he either somehow lands on a scoring line and does great, or he languishes on a lower line or in the minors. He could also be trade bait if the Isles go all in, such as by signing Kovalchuk. One key is he's a "name" so even if he doesn't do great this year or next you still might be able to trade him away and get value due to his name recognition.
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    Default Re: Did I make a good trade?

    Kadri was a 50pt player before Lou arrived. I put a lot more weight in Babcock's influence on Kadri than Lou (who probably said 'hi' to Kadri once a week or two. It seems though almost every Islander prospect takes 2 years longer to make an impact than any other team - and it's not a depth thing. I would love to be a fly on the wall when LL sits down to chat with Ho Sang and try to figure him out.

    In this instance I think if HS makes it this deal will be a wash, you traded risk (unkown future) for a different kind of risk (Ho-Sang, headcase??), personally I would have kept the pick, but that's me, I've avoided Ho-Sang in every pool and removed him from any trade offer I've received - insert some level of bias here.
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    Default Re: Did I make a good trade?

    Considering it?s a prospect draft and it?s not even a top 10 pick that you traded away, I really like this move for you. I would have made the trade as well.

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