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Haha maybe i should have added ?fantasy-? before the word bust. He looks to project as a solid nhler, but what im worried about is that will he be fantasy relevant. Have to admit was way too hasty to judge him in any case. Maybe its because our league has 82 game limit after which our prospects graduate and if you are at least semicompeting, then longer projects like him can end up eating that one valuable roster spot
With this context, I'd say Tage Thompson is unlikely to have significant value in your fantasy set-up. To be honest, the best thing for him - fantasy wise - is to spend next year in the minors. If you see him on the Blue's roster, then yes - I expect him to cross your 82 GP threshold and not be in a role where we will be making a significant fantasy contribution. As others have said, he still has the potential to be a productive NHL'er.