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Thread: Severino + Cole for Betts

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    Default Severino + Cole for Betts

    H2H 12 team categories standard 5x5

    Slim chances of winning this season - we get 4 keepers (cost 1-4 round picks)

    My keepers right now are Turner Machado Benintendi and then either Yelich Cole or Severino.

    Given the volatility of SP and that Betts is a 5 cat contributor, would you move the 2 aces for Betts (a top 3 keeper IMO)?

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    Default Re: Severino + Cole for Betts

    No but I’d drop Benny and keep Cole and Severino
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    Default Re: Severino + Cole for Betts

    I personally like keeping 1-2SPs from year to year. But...I'm in a keep 7, so a keep 4 there's not many SPs out there that are worthy of a keep. HOWEVER, I think Cole is worth the keep.

    So, do you think your team is better off with Mookie or Cole going into next yr. If you do the trade, likely your first 2 picks will be SPs. What SPs are usually kept? Maybe Kershaw isn't even kept next yr.

    If you think you can't win, it is a good idea to trade depth for star players. But Cole and Sev might be the top dynasty pitchers out there now.

    Personally I would try and get Mookie, but I would somehow try and make my keepers:
    Turner, Machado, Mookie, Cole. Using Benny to get picks, or to try and upgrade Turner (Benny+Turner for Trout/Mookie/Altuve/Ramirez).

    Your teams tough to gauge with keepers because they're all so good haha.
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    Default Re: Severino + Cole for Betts

    I would make that trade in a heartbeat.

    Pitchers tend to be voodoo year to year, very few remain consistent, and I don't peg Cole as a top tier.

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    Default Re: Severino + Cole for Betts

    I like this move for you... but Betts is injured right now...and the guys you are offering up are doing very good and are healthy.... try getting a pick upgrade or something else... with your reason being that Betts is injured.

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