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Thread: 3rd Overall Draft Pick

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    Default 3rd Overall Draft Pick

    I have the 3rd overall pick in my keeper league and I assume that Dahlin and Svechnikov will be 1st and 2nd. Players like Thomas, Vilardi and Kaprizov are still available while Makar and Heiskanen are not.

    So Zadina or Thomas/Vilardi/other?


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    Tough call... I really like all of Thomas, Kaprizov, and Zadina... in different ways.

    I think Kaprizov has the best upside, but the most risk of those three. 80-85pt upside, 40pt downside at peak years.
    I think Zadina has the 2nd best upside, and moderate risk. 70-75pt upside, 50pt downside at peak years.
    I think Thomas has 3rd best upside, but is almost a sure-thing based on his hockey IQ. 60-70pt player at peak years.

    There's a lot of keen prospect guys on here (keener than me), so you can hear what they have to say as well.

    Welcome to the forums!

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    Default Re: 3rd Overall Draft Pick

    I suggest you buy Dobber's Fantasy Prospect Report and you'll find my opinion and the opinion of many other prospect writers from there:

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    I would grab Zadina.

    Like Peng, I agree the Kap has the higher upside (potential 85-90 point player in the mold of Kuznetsov) but he is still a couple of years away from making his way over to the NHL (and that is if he doesn't sign another contract in the KHL).

    Carolina / Montreal will build their PP around Zadina's lethalness from the right hashmarks. He oozes skill (reminds me a lot of Tavares tbh) and owns a left handed shot that rivals the likes of Kucherov... Either way you're talking about a potential 40 + 40 = ~80+ point player (in his prime) who will get to line up with either Drouin or Necas (his fellow countryman and international centre). His floor in 4-5 years will be 30+30=60 imo (and I think that is where Thomas ends up as average prime year).

    I like Thomas too but I think he will be more of a 55-60 point guy similar to Horvat/Kadri with career years potentially up in the high 60s/low 70s (Pavelski).

    At the end of the day who really knows. Follow your gut and pick whoever will bring you more joy to watch/follow/own... there isn't really a wrong option!


    Zadina = Tavares/Kucherov upside
    Kaprizov = Kuznetsov upside
    Thomas = somewhere in between Kadri/Pavelski upside

    P.S. welcome to the forums!
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    Default Re: 3rd Overall Draft Pick

    Kaprisov!! he will be worth the two year wait.
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    Default Re: 3rd Overall Draft Pick

    If I had #3 I would be taking Zadina. Kaprizov could by dynamite if he ever comes over.

    Would Thomas be the consensus #4 pick in this draft year?

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    would be my strategy in that order. Zadina is too good and comes with little risk of NOT playing in the NHL. Kaprizov looks slick... really slick... but I'm not passing up on a guy like Zadina for an ongoing wait for a guy who seems content to stay in the KHL. Thomas is my #3. If you can't stomach the KHL risk... he's an easy #2 pick. But I'd risk Kapi over Thomas... but not Zadina.

    And welcome to the boards. Go buy the Prospect report like JP said. GREAT info.
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    Default Re: 3rd Overall Draft Pick

    I wouldn't risk passing on Zadina for the hope Kaprizov comes over.

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    Default Re: 3rd Overall Draft Pick

    Zadina for me too.

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    I'd look to take Zadina. I read one of the main reasons Kaprizov signed was because the KHL basically gave him no other option. They wouldn't allow Minnesota to even speak to him. I'd put him at 60/40 to come over once his deal is done. I mean, why stay when he's more than likely going to be a top line player with the Wild? Even if he's a 2nd line guy, that's more than enough reason to come to the NHL.
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    Default Re: 3rd Overall Draft Pick

    Quote Originally Posted by fungchen3 View Post
    I wouldn't risk passing on Zadina for the hope Kaprizov comes over.
    This...and everything else that was said here
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    Default Re: 3rd Overall Draft Pick

    Zadina for me.
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    Default Re: 3rd Overall Draft Pick

    I dont know if there's a right or wrong answer for you. All of them are high end prospects and you really can't go wrong with any of them in their upside and potential.

    If it was me, I'd probably go with Thomas but that's simply flipping a coin.

    Jouko-Pouko makes an excellent point in his suggestion to purchase the Prospect Guide. If you get that, it should help you formulate your own opinion on who YOU like the most. Considering all of the kids you are asking about are cream of the crop prospects, the opinions here are going to be all over the place (and none are probably wrong, at least they aren't easy to argue against).

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    Default Re: 3rd Overall Draft Pick

    I'd be very curious to hear more details on the OP's set up. If guys like Vilardi and Kaprizov were not even drafted last year (but Hesikenan was)...well, there could be some funky rules going on to explain that. I'm wondering if this league has no prospects spots, or if rookies have very little value, or what.

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