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Thread: 31 Team Dynasty Year 4 Needs 3 GM's

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    Default 31 Team Dynasty Year 4 Needs 3 GM's

    Available teams:

    Carolina: Roster. Key Assets: Pierre Luc Dubois, Dadanov, Beauvellier, Middlestadt, Leddy, 2018 11th overall entry pick, 21st overall.

    Detroit: Roster. Key Assets: Quick, Nurse, Risto, Huberdeau, Jenner, 18th overall entry pick.

    Los Angeles: Roster. Key Assets: Kopitar, Point, Kane, Keller, Carlsson, 12th-14th overall entry picks.


    The ADHL is designed to emulate the NHL in every way. Entry drafts, salary cap, waivers, contract-limits, and free agency based on actual NHL contracts. The diverse scoring categories balance the contributions of offensive and defensive players, meaning trade values are pretty similar to the NHL. It's all the fun of being a real GM.

    We use weekly H2H scoring based on actual NHL performance. The schedule makes use of Fantrax's simultaneous matchups feature, which allows for 82 regular season matchups plus NHL-style playoffs in the last weeks of the NHL regular season.

    The basics:

    • Beginning year 4, we've gone through our entry draft already this year, and expansion to add Vegas.
    • 31 teams
    • Full rosters (90 player limit, 50 contract limit)
    • Real NHL salary cap and floor
    • Actual AAV contracts for all players
    • 16 scoring categories, weekly H2H format with 4 matchups per week for 82 total matchups per season
    • 7 round Entry draft is completed before the real one starts each summer
    • Active Free agency using a lotto type system for player turnover
    • Fantrax for scoring

    PM me or comment back here if you're interested!

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    Default Re: 31 Team Dynasty Year 4 Needs 3 GM's


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