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Thread: Debrincat vs Ehlers

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    Default Debrincat vs Ehlers

    Who ya got? Assuming points only, both next season and 5 years from now...

    I think Ehlers' ceiling is fairly high, but he is stuck on a loaded Winnipeg team. And for whatever reason, Ehlers just doesn't seem to put up the numbers that we all think he should. He hasn't been a "monster" scorer since the QMJHL.

    Debrincat put up really solid numbers as a rookie (3 hat tricks, which is more than Ehlers has in his entire NHL career) and was a monster at every level prior to the NHL.

    i think they are close enough to be seen in the same tier at this point. So who's your guy and why?

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    Default Re: Debrincat vs Ehlers

    Tough call - DeBrincat is notoriously underrated. I am a big fan. I'm also an Ehlers fan and love his skill.
    Honestly, I think both end up fairly consistent 65-75 point players moving forward.
    They both have the talent to be PPGers, but that's extremely hard to do these days in the NHL.
    If I had to bank on one reaching a PPG, it's DeBrincat one day. I don't see the Jets having 4-5 PPG players and Scheifele, Wheeler and Laine should be close to it. I also like Connor as much, or more, than Ehlers.
    Who is scoring a PPG on the Hawks? 88, that's it. Toews isn't, Saad isn't. In the right situation, DeBrincat could IMO.
    However, Ehlers will likely be close and will have more trade value, so he would be my choice, all things considered.

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    Default Re: Debrincat vs Ehlers

    Ehlers is Winnipeg's fourth best forward sure, but that just means he has extreme talent around him to play with on the top 3 lines and power play. I really like Ehlers and I'd take him over DeBrincat.

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    Default Re: Debrincat vs Ehlers

    To me it's Ehlers and it's not that close. I heard Gord Miller call him the most underrated player in the NHL a few weeks ago on Melnyk in the Afternoon (Montreal's TSN 690 AM)
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