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Thread: Yamamoto's Value Long Term REP

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    Default Yamamoto's Value Long Term REP

    Hey guys, somebody dropped him in my 20 team h2h full keeper league (we are rostering 30 players). We use a FAAB, and I have ~1000$ for the whole year. Hard to find this kind of prospects on the waiver wire (we can usually get 3rd/4th liners like Helm, Calvert, Glendening etc), how many dollar would you spend on him? What is his long term point potential in your mind?

    Thanks, and will rep.

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    Default Re: Yamamoto's Value Long Term REP

    He’s going to RW McDavid or Leon, Id spend 750 that leaves you 250 for the bums?
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    Default Re: Yamamoto's Value Long Term REP

    Long term, I expect him to be a 60 point guy (80 point upside). Does the $1000 expire at the end of next season or before next season? If before next season, I'd go all-in ($1000). If it is the end of next season, then we may need a little more information--last year, how much money did you feel that you "needed" to spend on Free Agency? Take that away from the $1000 and I'd spend most of the remaining. It's not likely that another great upside player will become available (given your information). If you spend a "medium" chunk of money on Yamamoto, then an owner that doesn't spend on Yamamoto will probably outbid you for that other player anyways, so you may as well go big (instead of "medium") on Yamamoto.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    I dont know much about those bidding type of leagues, but I do know that Yamamoto is worth owning long term. He's the Oilers top prospect in their system and their roster is screaming for a kid like him to boot. They are desperate for scoring wingers and Yamamoto fits the bill. I like the fact they sent him back to Jr hockey to dominate this year but I fully expect him to battle for a full time position this year. I'd keep my expectations in check for a couple seasons but if you can afford to be patient with him, I do think he will reward you back.

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    Default Re: Yamamoto's Value Long Term REP

    its' hard to know how much to throw at a prospect like Yama without knowing the cost of other players - D. Strome, Tolvanen, Girard, Kapanen, Johnsson? how much did they cost?
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