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Thread: Need to bench one

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    Default Need to bench one

    Hey, yahoo points league. Right now I'm running starters with rp eligibility in my RP spots. Here is pitcher scoring
    W 5, SV 5, HLD 3.5, IP 1, K 2, ER - 0.5, CG 5

    Need to bench one of these 3
    Buehler v cin
    Chatwood v cws
    Cahill @nyy

    I was going to avoid Cahill but that 12:1 k:bb ratio last game got me thinking. And the Yankees do strike out more than Cincinnati. I'm torn. Which 1 would you bench of these 3?

    H2H Weekly Yahoo points league with rosters set daily. Non keeper. 12 teams
    G 4, A 2, plus minus (-)1, PIM 0.5, ppp 1, SHP 1, GWG 1, SOG 0.5, HIT 0.5, BLK 0.5

    C: MacKinnon
    C: Trochek
    LW: Lucic
    LW: Schwartz
    RW: Pavelski (C, RW)
    RW: Svechnikov
    D: H Lindholm
    D: Giordano
    D: Eckman-Larsson
    D: Pulock
    UTIL: Schenn
    BN: Pominville
    BN: T Johnson
    BN: D Brown
    BN: I leave it open for daily streaming
    IR+: Pacioretty
    IR+: Hedman

    W 5, GA -1, SV 0.2, SO 3
    G: Gibson
    G: Murray

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    Default Re: Need to bench one

    Avoid Cahill still. Buehler is a must anyway but given the matchup he's an absolute lock. And I prefer Chatwood over Cahill

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