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Thread: Sorokin Vs Samsonov

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    Default Sorokin Vs Samsonov

    Hearing great things about both these G's. More so on Samsonov due to his own specific thread. My question to you all is both these G prospects have high pedigree and potential, both seemed to excel in the KHL, Sorokin has less competition and locked into a KHL contract until 2020, Samsonov has more competition with Holtby but at least is in NA, he may also not be in NHL until 2020 as well just different paths. Which would you guys prefer and why assuming you are able to wait on either of them and keep them stashed on a farm squad?

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    As of today , the clearest path to an nhl starting job would be Sorokin when he potentially arrives in 2020. Greiss is signed for 2 more years , Soderstrom has signed an elc but who knows if he crosses pond to sow his oats in AHL which may or may not give him a leg up on Sorokin .

    obviously you've heard that the caps may shop holts this summer in lieu of grubauers strong play this year . ironically , the isles would probably be extremely interested in holtby so he might be the one blocking sorokin instead of sammy

    you seem to have a good vibe on the situation but I just thought I'd add an isles pov .

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    Default Re: Sorokin Vs Samsonov

    Which would you prefer from the 2?

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    Default Re: Sorokin Vs Samsonov

    I hear both are top notch prospects but if I had to wager a guess, I'd bet Samsonov plays before Sorokin. I'm not an expert but lots of talk about the Caps going the route of the Penguins which means Holts could be gone from Washington. Samsonov signed his ELC and if Holts does leave, I think we will see Sammy playing the backup role sooner rather than later. Plus, there's no guarantee that Sorokin comes over after his KHL contract is up. Sammy is here now and Washington is probably very eager to see what he can do. If I had to pick, I'm going with Samsonov.
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    Default Re: Sorokin Vs Samsonov

    I like Samsonov a lot more. Especially with Holtby's sudden decline, it could open some doors for him to land an NHL job sooner rather than later if Holtby doesn't find his game in the next year or two.

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