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Thread: Closer situation

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    Default Closer situation

    Hey, so I am trying to nail down my closers. With our points scoring, I don't value RP that high but still want the best team I can have.

    I currently have fernando Rodney, and boxberger. But Holland signed today and is on waivers.

    Should I put in a claim for him with either Rodney or boxberger? Or am I better off keeping them? Rodney didn't have a good game today but there's 161 games left.

    I've got my point scoring in the signature but the real value comes from saves and strikeouts

    H2H Weekly Yahoo points league with rosters resetting mondays. Non keeper. 12 teams
    H 0.5, R 2, HR 4, RBI 2, SB 2, 2B 1, 3B 2, BB 0.5, HBP 0.5

    C: Posey
    1B: Olson
    2B: Rizzo
    SS: Machado
    3B: Suarez
    OF: Stanton, Ozuna, Conforto
    Util: Encarnacion, Alonso
    Bench: Grichuk
    DL: J Lamb

    W 5, SV 5, HLD 3.5, IP 1, K 2, ER - 0.5, CG 5
    SP: Severino, Stroman
    RP: Cahill, Chatwood
    P: Ja Happ, Pomeranz, Keuchel, J Gray
    Bench: Junis, Buehler, R Lopez, Gonzales
    DL: Britton

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    Default Re: Closer situation

    Though I have comforto who went on the dl today. Maybe I try and get Holland and see how things shake up until comforto is back. Maybe this is the way to go

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    Default Re: Closer situation

    I’d dump Rodney, STL will win more than Minny and STL didn’t sign Holland to be a set up man.
    16 Team H2H Dynasty
    W Svs GAA Sv%

    C Scheifele Kuzy Wenneberg Eller
    LW Domi Aho Ritchie Sobotka
    RW Tarasenko J Williams Laine Sheary
    D Klefbom M Rielly Spurgeon Provorov Ellis MacAvoy
    R Dvorak Kase Schmaltz Anston-Reese Lindell Dahlin

    G Crawford C Anderson
    R Kuemper

    M Thomas White Bjork Klostin Raddysh Senyshyn Tolvanen Kravtsov Ylonen Dobson Soderstorm Gilles Gustavsson Point Khakonen

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    Default Re: Closer situation

    Id drop Rodney....only because it's a weekly league though.

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    Default Re: Closer situation

    I'd drop Chatwood or Lopez.

    RPs getting 5pts/save. The above average RP will get 30saves/yr. There's normally 21weeks/yr in fantasy baseball so you'd be getting off an RP 5pts/week on just saves. They throw roughly 60ip/yr. Or 3IP/week. 5pts+3pts=8Pts, plus roughly 60-70ks/yr (120-140pts/yr, 6-7pts/week). So 1RP/week can get you 5pts+3pts+6pts=14pts/week. Minus about 0.75pts for ER. so lets say 13.25pts/week. Could go up to 17pts/week really (closers can get a couple of wins a yr)

    A SP can get you roughly 20pts/week (I did math for chatwood and got 20pts). So yes SPs can get more. But This is /week basis. There can be weeks where Chatwood gets lit up and gets you 1pt. Closers will very rarely get you anything less than 1pt. In my head this makes sense, but I know I'm not really explaining it correctly. If this is your first MLB fantasy team, you'll get used to managing starts and what not. Like I wouldn't start Chatwood vs Astros but I would start Holland against the Astros because if he's coming in, he's got a high chance at getting that save. If Chatwood plays them, he has a higher chance at getting you negative points than the win.
    12 team, H2H, 6 keeper league
    G, A, Pts, +/-, PPP, PIM, FW
    W, GAA, S%, Saves
    2C, 2RW, 2LW, 4D, 2G
    C: Backstrom, Stamkos
    RW: Tarasenko, Marner
    D: Karlsson
    G: Andersen

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