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Thread: Kinkaid! - NJ Goaltending

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    Default Kinkaid! - NJ Goaltending

    Any opinions of how many more games Kinkaid will start this season? This week?
    It's starting to look like a 1A 1B here, though Schneider is definitely the superior player.

    I figure there must already be a thread on this potential controversy but wasn't able to find one by searching. Feel free to link me if you know of one.

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    Default Re: Kinkaid! - NJ Goaltending

    Schneider will probably get the next start (Vegas), and they'll split the back-to-backs this weekend.

    If they go 2-1 in those 3 games and Schneider has at least one strong win, they'll start him for most of the games to finish out the year. If they go 1-2 or worse, we'll be seeing more of Kinkaid. That's my prediction anyway.

    If you're wondering if Kinkaid is a reliable option for fantasy playoffs, the answer is no. He's a decent spot-start when you know he's playing because he's been playing really well, but you are correct when you say Schneider is the superior player (despite his current struggles) and NJ knows that. If the season is on the line they'll give him the reins. If Schneider gets his shit together Kinkaid will only get like 3 more starts this season.

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