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Thread: How assists are awarded when goalie touches the puck

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    Default How assists are awarded when goalie touches the puck

    When the goal poke stick a shot or pass straight into on coming forward and he scores does the original pass/shot guy get a point?? Last night slavin on GWG goal for canes v pens didn't get an assist but landaskog got an assist on AVS opening goal V maple leafs last night

    Does the pass/shot have to be on target to be an assist as slaving was a pass to a player that the keeper touched but then was put in right away but was awarded as an unassisted goal??

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    Default Re: How assists are awarded when goalie touches the puck

    I won't lie, your post is a little hard to understand. If I am reading it correctly, the goalie pokechecked the puck into an oncoming player who scored a goal. You are asking if the player who shot the puck towards the goalie should get an assist? Am I correct in assuming this?

    If I am correct in my assumption of your post, I believe the scoring team has to have possession of the puck before the puck goes in to get awarded an assist. If it's a poke check from an opposing goalie, and then the puck goes in, I am not sure you can consider the team to have possession at that time so no assist is awarded.

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    Default Re: How assists are awarded when goalie touches the puck

    Sorry not my best English!!! Yeah essentially that was my point but can you watch the Carolina winning goal last night where slavin cuts in...passes the puck , goalie pokes it...and straight away shoots it in assist...Colorado 1st goal...landaskog dumps the puck on goal from his own blue line...Toronto keeper poke sit mackinon puts the rebound in , landaskog gets an assists?? I don't get how that's any different...slavin actually made an offensive zone play and pass?? And gets nothing

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    Default Re: How assists are awarded when goalie touches the puck

    I think it's the same as calling a delayed penalty. There needs to be a hockey play made by the defending team to negate an assist. A poke check is an intentional stick movement, not a random carom off a foot to the goal scorer. I think that's why, but i'm not looking at a rule book
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    Default Re: How assists are awarded when goalie touches the puck

    Seems odd as maple leafs keeper had plenty of time to play the dump in on goal...vs slavin a move the keeper just flicked the stick... Slavins play is more creative and deserving... They should either scrap assists if it comes off an opposing team or make it an assist across the board...if a goalie made a pad save and a player followed it up and scored there would an assist for initial shot so seems daft when that save is a voluntary intentional play same as a poke check by the's not really consistent...Slavins is a point all daylong compared with landaskog'd have to watch bot plays and see if you see it differently

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    Default Re: How assists are awarded when goalie touches the puck

    Rule 33.2
    An assist is awarded to the player or players (maximum two) who touches the puck prior to the goal scorer, provided no defender plays or possesses the puck in between.

    Assists can be given to deserving players on a goal that has been awarded by the Referee, if the Official Scorer deems that

    Rule 78.3
    When a player scores a goal, an “assist” shall be credited to the player or players (maximum two) who touch the puck prior to the goal scorer provided no defender plays or has control of the puck subsequently. Each “assist” shall count one point in the player’s record. Only one point can be credited to any one player on a goal.

    Slavin lost possession of the puck due to a defender "playing" the puck. Also the Avs goal, the official could have deemed the goalies "play" not enough and awarded the Avs player a point.
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