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Thread: Goalie post site completely not intuitive

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    Default Goalie post site completely not intuitive

    Trying to log in takes me to a dobber register page. I log in, takes me here, I then get a message saying I'm already registered I don't need to make an account.

    I'm not making an account.

    So I redirect myself back to GP manually, okay maybe I'm logged in. I try to check the my account functions from GP, there is nothing, don't see any options for email updates, anything.

    Maybe I need to buy email updates, okay there's nothing on the site that allows me to do that. The one page in the help section takes me to a page on dobber that doesn't exist.

    I'd ask if I'm doing something wrong here but there's nothing for me to do that I can easilly see. My cookies are enabled, I've tried different browsers, etc.

    Any help?

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    Default Re: Goalie post site completely not intuitive

    If I remember correctly you need two logins, one for the forum here and one for the dobber sites, so that you can purchase products and so you can login to goalie post. go ahead and create an account when it redirects you. Then, once you activate it, you can use that username to log into goaliepost.

    By the way, you do not need to purchase email updates. Those were made free a couple of years ago. Some of the site info still refers to premium but you can ignore it.

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    Default Re: Goalie post site completely not intuitive

    Goaliepost doesn't seem to work very well with Firefox. I tried with Chrome and was finally able to reset my starting goalie emails from last season's selections lol. It was starting to get annoying but it's all good now.

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