Extreme knowledge of hockey is demanded and requires daily activity. With the top 540+ players taken, considerable attention to the major league prospects can make or break your team?s end result.

Each league has:
18 teams per division and 30 players per team
(+5 IR positions per team)
A required minimum of 4 goalie appearances per week.
A live draft with 15 scoring categories for open ice players
and 9 for goalies

We are in need of a few managers to fill up a few spots in tier 2. This is as hard as it gets! In order to join please send an email to: strainedresources2@yahoo.com and tell us about your fantasy hockey experience. How many years have you been playing, any trophies etc etc.

We value our leagues and will require daily attention. Draft day is all important and will be a live draft running for +3 hours. Know your deep deep players and draft goalies early. No goalies = missing appearances. Missing appearances = lost h2h week on 99% of the times? So in order to be on top of your game/league and advance to the Masters: know your **bleep**, draft wisely, be active on a daily basis...and expect to be taught a lesson or two by some of the old geezers in the game.

I hope to see some of you join or exclusive family of hard core devoted fantasy managers.