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Thread: Real Deal GM League Looking for Owners

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    Default Real Deal GM League Looking for Owners

    Slight Changes:

    Looking for serious owners and active managers to start a new Dynasty/Franchise league. It will be a full salary cap & contracts league, starting out using current signed contract values. It will start with using a mix of two current NHL roster teams, based off last year’s final season standings. The league will be managed on Fantrax, and I will create a spreadsheet to manage the contracts, as well as using the forums on Fantrax. Depending on the amount of interest I can get, I would like to have 10 teams, based off the roster of the two teams combined below:
    EDM-NSH-CAL (taken)
    NYR-TOR-BOS (taken)

    You will select the following from each team, and the rest will go into the player pool which the WSH-FA owner will pick from:
    Forwards – 3
    Defense – 2
    Goalie – 1
    Bench – 5 Spots - After all teams are picked, free agency opens with weekly bids to fill your team. Once you sign someone, you cannot drop them without a cap penalty
    Propsects – 5 (players that have played less than 50 NHL games to-date)
    Each Roster will have the following positions:
    Centre – 4 active spots
    Wingers – 8 active spots
    Defense – 6 active spots
    Goalie – 2 active spots
    Bench – 10 spots
    Minors – 25 spots

    Scoring – Head-to-Head weekly match-ups – Categories – Most Cat. Wins = 1 Win
    Catgeroy – weighted value
    Goals - 2
    Assists - 2
    Special-Team Points - 1
    Shots on Goal - 1
    Hits - 1
    Blocks - 1
    Save Percentage - 1
    Goals-Against-Average - 1
    Wins – 2
    Shutouts - 1

    Contracts/Salary Cap

    Initial Contracts will be based off of the current signed value. Each team will have a cap of $125 Million for each season. This cap DOES NOT include rookies drafted and on your minors roster. Minors rosters consist of players not currently on an NHL roster. Once a player is promoted in real life, you have the option to promote them on your roster or leave them in the minors. You cannot send players back to the minors who are currently on an NHL roster.

    For signing and re-signing players, we’ll use a scale in terms of contract values based off of where they rank in the Fantrax rankings based off of previous season totals, as follows:

    Ranks 1-10 = AAV minimum $12,000,000
    Ranks 11-20 = AAV minimum of $10,000,000
    Ranks 21-30 = AAV minimum of $8,000,000
    Ranks 31-50 = AAV minimum of $7,500,000
    Ranks 51-75 = AAV minimum of $5,000,000
    Ranks 76-100 = AAV minimum of $3,500,000
    Ranks 100-150 = AAV minimum of $2,000,000
    Ranks 150-200 = AAV minimum $1,000,000
    Ranks 200+ = AAV minimum $575,000

    Max contract that can be handed out is 8 years, at any point in the players career. When the player enters RFA, you can re-sign that player without anyone else being able to bid. When the player becomes FA, they go into the weekly auction.


    If a player sings in the KHL, or any other league, they can be either dropped or added to your minor roster.

    If a player retires, that cap hit is removed from your team.

    There is no max IR position. IR players count against your cap, other than LTIR – which the player must be put on in real life.

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    Default Re: Real Deal GM League Looking for Owners

    Is this a free league or a money league?

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    Default Re: Real Deal GM League Looking for Owners

    Free league for year 1, open to making it into a money league for further years but would like to build the league in year 1 first

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