Looking forward to Summerslam tonight. My prediction for tonight's matches:

Miz and the Miztourage
Tozawa retains
Big Cass
Ambrose and Rollins
Styles retains
The Demon wins
Natalya wins and Carmella cashes in Money in the Bank and takes the belt
Bliss retains (although I really think that they are setting up a Banks heel turn to pit her against Bayley at some point in the future)
Nakumura takes the belt from Mahal (The Singh brothers will be a tag team shortly)
Lesner retains, OR Samoa Joe wins, and Lesner keeps his promise and leaves Raw for Smackdown and Cena joins Raw.

Did I miss anybody? Match of the night is Styles and Owens, the 2 best wrestlers in the world right now.