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Thread: Is Schoop playing over his head?

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    Question Is Schoop playing over his head?

    I'm not in contention this year (10th of 14) in a 14 team roto league. For specifics reference the "Baseball Roto Salary Cap Keeper league" link in the sig.

    I'm considering trading Schoop as he seems to be play VERY well and I'm wondering if he's having a career year or one that wouldn't likely be replicated soon.

    The trade that was offered was (with salary in parenthesis)
    I'd acquire:
    P. DeJong - 2B/3B/SS ($1)
    A. Duvall - LF/RF ($1)
    S. Kingery - 2B ($1)
    J. Schoop - 2B ($1)
    Y. Puig - RF ($2)

    I don't normally look at trades where I'm getting more players than I send because in my mind performance/start would suffer. But I'm really wondering about Schoop because I'm rebuilding, if I could flip him for players that in the long run would outperform Schoop then I'm game because I'm not in contention this year and the team this proposal came from is currently in 1st.

    Thanks for any feedback!!
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    Default Re: Is Schoop playing over his head?

    Yes he is playing over his head. No that is not a return I like. I think you can get more MLB ready talent for that, and not a couple of longer off names plus Duvall (who I'm not exceedingly high on either).
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