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    1. Nikki BellaBella is a two-time WWE Divas Champion. Nikki Bella is one of the hottest diva who rises? the temperature with her hotness. She is an ideal make sense of to look, the reason why WWE?s superstar John Cena can?t keep his eyes and hands off her.2. Brie BellaNikki's sister Brie Bella is nothing not as much as an attractive diva. The way she keeps up her figure is commending and well, a treat to look out for. Her relationship with Daniel Bryan portrays. She is a dedicated lady yet that doesn't mean she is less attractive.3. PaigeFair skin, dark black hair and a killer smile?whoa, this lady has got it all. She is a brilliant performer in-ring and her tactics are amazing. While watching the WWE match, you must check out all the men starring at her.4. Sasha BanksShe is a cousin of rapper Snoop Dogg, who merits watching when she's in the ring. She is brilliant and her shaking symbol and haircut completes her in all the way.5. LanaHer tough competition with Summer Rae proved that she is indeed strong and sexy. She is Rusev Valet?s fianc?e in real life and a woman who speaks her mind and stands for her words and choices.6. Eva MarieEva Marie who is known for her red hair and better believe it, her catchphrase is prominent excessively i.e. "All Red Everything". Her body is not simply eye-snappy but rather she can be the diverting element as well.7. MaryseShe is one of the hottest diva in WWE right now. She is married to Miz and is making appearances on stage, which is good for the viewers.

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    Sasha Banks is smoking hot, but it bothers me that she is reported as being a total bitch in real life. Apparently treats fans very poorly.

    I will take AJ Lee as the hottest of all time.


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    Lol- one post?? Youre spamming a great community forum here!!

    That being said it could be worse than a WWE Divas junk mail :P ....
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