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    How many games do these starters-from-last-season turned backups this season get into? Will it be entirely dependent on injury or will either be able to push for a timeshare?

    My suspicion is that Budaj will be firmly a backup behind Vas, and Miller sees some time starting because Gibson will probably get injured.

    I'm thinking 20-25ish for Budaj and 30-35ish for Miller. Any contrary thoughts?

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    I actually like Budaj for just as many games as Miller. He has a track record as a GREAT backup and Vas has never taken the reigns by himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randomscrub23 View Post
    I'm thinking 20-25ish for Budaj and 30-35ish for Miller. Any contrary thoughts?
    That's about right. I think with Gibsons injuries though its fair to differentiate how much Miller will play in either case: if Gibson is healthy, I think Miller plays 25-30 games or so. Anaheim only have 11 b2bs, and Gibson is the guy. Realistically, I think Miller could get as many as 35-40 games with the potential for injuries, a poor Gibson stretch as well as Anaheim clinching a playoff spot early. They also have Reto Berra ready to back up Miller if Gibson's out, which may help them not rush Gibson back from an injury.

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