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Thread: Fix my goalie scores?

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    Default Fix my goalie scores?

    Hi there,
    Our keeper pool is discussing whether we need to change how the goalie scoring is set up. For those of you not in H2H pools, how do your goalies score fantasy points? What are the stats and weights involved? Any lessons learned?

    Here is how it works at the moment:

    Keep 6 players (CRLD+2 any position)
    Cumulative points league
    8 teams, 4C 3R 3L 5D 2G 5B
    Max 82 games per roster spot
    Skaters G, A, .5+-, .1B, .1H
    Goalies 2W -1L, -1GA, .1SV, 4SO

    Any other suggestions regarding the scoring?


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    Default Re: Fix my goalie scores?

    Points only pool I'm in scores goalies:
    2pts for win
    1pt for otl/shl
    +1 for so

    It works fairly well, keeps it simple.

    10 Team, Points Only, Full Keeper, Salary Cap league (AAV)
    30 player max(main roster only)
    12 F, 6D, 2G(Weekly Line-up) count toward points (G=1/A=1/W=2/SO=+1/SOL=1)

    F: -P. Kane, Benn, Schiefele, Laine, Eichel, S. Reinhart, Ehlers, Schmaltz, Bailey, Panik, Eaves, Zetterberg, Steen, Beauvillier, C. Fischer

    D: - Byfuglien, Matheson, Hanifin, Ekholm, Djoos, Butcher, Sanheim

    G: - Dubnyk, Lundqvist, Shesterkin

    Picks :
    2018 : 1st, 4th, 4th
    2019 : 2nd
    2020 : 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

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    Default Re: Fix my goalie scores?

    A 30 save shutout is worth wayyyyyy to much at 9 points if you ask me. Virtually impossible for any other position to get anywhere near that on a single night. I'd start by dropping shutouts down to 1 point extra.
    Set roster weekly in H2H (Mon to Sun) - 16 Teams - start 6F, 3D, and 1G per week - Keep 2

    Points: 2 G / 2 A / 1 PPG / 1 PPA / 1 Hat Trick / 1 SHG / 1 SHA / 1 GWG - 3 Goalie Win / 2 Goalie Loss in SO or OT / 5 goalie SO

    S. Crosby, N. MacKinnon




    2017 league champ
    2018 league champ

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    Default Re: Fix my goalie scores?

    I would boost W to 3 or 4, drop SO to 1 or 2, lower GA to -.5 or .3 or something. In my fantrax league we do this and it works out nicely.

    12 team H2H Roto; Keep 6/winner keeps 7; G A PPP +/- SHP SOG HIT BLK PIM // W SV GAA SV% SHO
    3 C, 3 LW, 3 RW, 6D, 2G, 5 bench

    C - McDavid, Crosby, Tavares, Malkin
    LW - Hall
    RW - Voracek
    D - Carlson
    G - Andersen, Quick

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    Default Re: Fix my goalie scores?

    The main complaint is that W/L is not a goalie stat, it's a team stat. Good goalies on bad teams don't get rostered while mediocre goalies on good teams are must starts because of the value of a win. I agree that the SO value is outrageous, especially for something so arbitrary. Curious about the impact of reducing the penalty for a goal against though...I'll look into it.

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    Default Re: Fix my goalie scores?

    What I would try to figure out first is how much of a contribution do you want a goalie to have on your team? I would look beyond the total points of one goalie vs one skater - they are not necessarily comparable 1-to-1. You have 15 starting skater slots and 2 goalie slots. So what percentage of your roster should be allocated to goalie points? In a vacuum, I would argue that one goalie should get more points than one skater on a given night because goalies only account for 2/17 of your starting allocation. Otherwise, you are devaluing goaltending too much (especially in a smaller sized league), which would take away some of the strategy in acquiring them. You want to give them enough value for the top ones to be important, but not too much where they become overvalued (real and perceived) - that's a challenging balance to achieve but worth the effort to determine.

    So my suggestion is - before tinkering with the goalie category weights - to decide:

    1. What percentage of points would the league be happy to have for goalies compared to skaters, in relation to your team as a whole?
    2. Then come up with that number e.g. a top skater equals 3 points/night, a top goalie equals 6 points/night etc.
    3. Once you have that number, adjust the weights to come up with that number, keeping in mind what is the likely occurrence and not over/undervaluing specific categories.
    e.g. should a win giving up 5 goals on 25 shots be more valuable than a loss giving up 2 goals on 35 shots? (these type of questions)

    I hope that makes sense. I've seen comments on numerous threads over the years focusing too much on one skater vs one goalie and saying that goalies are too valuable because they get way more points than top skaters. It's not always as simple as that.

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