Ok, so it's a little early but have a lot of spots to fill in a new ESPN keeper league for next season. Format has been used (though there will be a few minor tweaks) in a one-year league this season.

Can send the rules by email to anyone who is interested (email address below), but a break-down of some of the key features of league structure:

20 teams, 8 go to the playoffs, after 19 game regular season.
Six starting spots nightly, 12 man rosters.
5 transactions a week.
Full snake draft on ESPN to start the first season off, 4 keepers per team every season thereafter.
Scoring cats are: FG%, FT%, 3PM, 3P%, REB, AST, BLK, STL, PTS.

As I say, more in the full set of rules. If you have a read and are interested in playing, email me at [email protected] to be invited when ESPN Basketball starts up again in the late summer and the keeper league is created.

Thanks for reading.