When you order a coffee from McDonalds, you don't really need a label on the cup telling you it's hot, right? Right? Well, apparently some people out there do need that label. Because there was a lawsuit, and now all McDonalds coffee cups say "Caution: Hot!"

By the same token, there may be some people out there who struggle with this whole Internet-thingy. Joining a group of strangers that you know nothing about and agreeing to play a game that requires you to pay money is not a good idea. Joining a group of strangers who you "think" you know based on online conversations isn't any smarter. So here is my "Caution: Hot!" label...

Do not join a league that requires money if you do not know the people, personally, that you are playing with.
I don't care if if it's an online friend you've talked to for years, or if it's ME. You don't do it. Have we met? No? Then use your common sense.

If you do decide to join a league, and the person running the league passes your own personal 'smell' test, then that is your decision. Just because the league was posted in this forum doesn't mean that I've held the hand of everyone involved and carefully walked them through the process, or that I've thoroughly reviewed their post and nodded in approval, or that I've personally collected any money for safekeeping. Because that would be a stupid thing to assume. Right? There are 1000s of posts here daily, do I read them all? Do I read even 10% of them? To be honest, I don't even go in this section - I'm in enough leagues and don't need more. So be forewarned! Caution: Hot!

By joining a league in this section, you agree to take responsibility for your own actions, trust people based on your own instincts, and if necessary only spend money you can afford to lose.