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    Default help finding specific stats

    Hi everyone - looking for an NBA stat but cant find anything online

    I need to know how many total made layups each team made last year.

    Best I can find are two sites:
    only has layups as a percentage of total shot attempts per game
    according to nbasavant, all players have a fg% of 100% so maybe im doing something wrong.

    anyone out there able to help me?
    SBF Keeper League // 10 Teams // NHL Salary Cap //
    4C, 8W, 6D, 1G, 4B
    G=3pts, A=2pts, Shots=.2, PIMS=.2, Blocks=.2pts, PPP=.5pts, SHP=1pt, GWG=.5pts, W=3pts, SO=4pts, GA=-.5, Saves=.1pt


    C: Stamkos, Scheifele, Larkin, Pettersson, Hughes, Glass
    W: JT Miller, Schenn, Lebanc, Mantha, Marchessault, Domi, Kerfoot, Connolly, Farabee
    D: Gostisbehere, Krug, Nurse, Brannstrom, Shattenkirk, Pettersson, Jokiharju
    G: F Anderson

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    Default Re: help finding specific stats

    Are you able to find a website that shows how many shots each team took last year?

    If so.. take the % from the first website (percentage of total shot attempts per game) and then determine how many shots they took for the season?

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