Hey folks,

Our longstanding Geek of the Week writer, the kickass Terry Campkin, isn't going to have time to continue with the article this year. So, along with acknowledging his awesome work, we're looking for someone not to fill his shoes but to steer the article series in their own way.

My checklist:
  • Motivated
  • Good writer
  • Analytical approach
  • Can commit the time to doing an article a week through the end of October, then less frequently after that
  • Can use the FHG tools as a basis to open eyes
  • Wants a lifetime free subscription to FHG.

Ideally, there are a huge number of aspiring writers such that we can run a contest or rotation, but I recognize that the checklist above weeds out most of the population.

Pipe up if you're interested, either here or to [email protected]