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Thread: Pat Quinn Memorial Cup (PQMC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pengwin7 View Post
    Oh no - don't say that.
    I looooooovvvveee me some Robert Thomas.
    Be interesting to see if you can hold his developing stats on your team while you go for a 3-peat.
    I know a guy who may be able to hold those developing stats on his roster a bit better...

    [Kotkaniemi and RT were both contemplated holds by me in my F6 spot until P.Kane came up. I don't think 4T2(SaB) can afford to hold Kotka... same way you can't afford to hold RT. There's a couple extra competing teams, specifically CoB will be back and AA will be strong. It'll be interesting to see if you guys can hold those guys!!!]
    Yeah, I honestly only drafted Kotkaniemi in hopes of flipping him to a non-playoff team later in the season. Even if he breaks out, he's unlikely to crack my keepers so I'll be looking to move him later for a solid playoff rental.
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    Projected standings after our draft last night:
    Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 9.45.53 PM.png
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    ^I like my rank given my quantity of W & SV!
    So you're telling me I have a chance!

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