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    The NBA is frigging insane....

    Shams Charania ‏@ShamsCharania 11m11 minutes ago
    Sources on @TheVertical: DeMar DeRozan, Toronto Raptors reach agreement on five-year, $139M-plus deal.

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    Default Re: Derozan Contract

    They had to pay him. He needed to leave enough on the table to improve the team. Or beating Lebron is only a dream.
    Not sure what the max was, but I do like the fact that he stayed loyal to TO. Not many can say that in the NBA.

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    Expected and in line with how NBA contracts are valued with the new TV deal.

    He is a frustrating player because so often he relies on long twos, the most inefficient shot attempt in the league, and when they are not falling he looks horrible. But when they are falling he looks fantastic. He has the ability to get to the rim and is a phenomenal free throw shooter but often looks reluctant to make that drive to the rim.

    I think/hope he grew a lot during this last playoff run and think/hope he will play smarter on a more consistent basis in the playoffs going forward. He would have been given a max contract by number of other teams and it's a big statement that he is staying with the Raps instead of going to his hometown(ish) Lakers, helping to solidify the Raps as playoff contenders in the East for years to come.

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    Hard to say he took a discount, but insanely enough, he probably did. Wow! Why couldn't I be six foot seven, and be able to shoot/toss/throw a ball into a basket...damn.

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    Default Re: Derozan Contract

    That's a massive contract and I think it's a bit of an overpay. He's not elite, but he's pretty good. T.O. had to pay to keep him there though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hockeyrobot View Post
    The NBA is frigging insane....
    27.8 mil a year if my mental math is correct. That's pretty solid, and I think lower than what a max deal would have been (probably not by much).
    Glad to see him back.
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    Default Re: Derozan Contract

    Quote Originally Posted by hockeyrobot View Post
    The NBA is frigging insane....
    Look at what the Pistons are about the pay Drummond - a player they can't keep on the floor late in games due to his putrid free throw shooting.

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    Default Re: Derozan Contract

    Jeebus... basketball players like Derozan are getting $28m per these days...
    I guess that Helm contract isn't so bad.

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    139million...thats disgusting really for a soft sport

    Hockey players are grossly underpaid compared to their professional counterparts.

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    Default Re: Derozan Contract

    Player Salary 1st Year of Deal
    Mike Conley 153m 2016-17
    Damian Lillard 140.2m 2016-17
    DeMar DeRozan 139m 2016-17
    Kobe Bryant 136.4m 2004-05
    Anythony Davis 127.7m 2016-17
    Andre Drummond 127.7m 2016-17
    Bradley Beal 127.7m 2016-17

    All the contracts this yr are crazy. Look at the highest contracts in NBA history….All but Kobe are for this yr. And something like Lebron has made 149mill over his 13yr career, DeMar is about to make 93% of that over 5yrs, and Mike Conley is about to make 3% MORE than Lebron’s 13yr career over his 5yr contract.

    How in the world is 4million dollars only 3% more than another contract by the way?
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    G: Andersen,Hellebuyck, Halak
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    Default Re: Derozan Contract

    The infusion of TV money is ludicrous... too bad NHL players will never get a whiff of $$$ like this

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