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Thread: 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

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    Default 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Welcome to the IIHF Under 20 2012 pool. This is the eight year that pool has been run here.

    First off, credit to the past winners.
    2008: miked (out of 9 entries)
    2009: ultrawhiteness (out of 28 entries)
    2010: watchingthegame (out of 28 entries)
    2011: metaldude26 (out of 20 entries)
    2012: vandalay (out of 29 entries)
    2013: CaptainCally (out of 21 entries)
    2014: watching the game (out of 34 entries) Ė OUR FIRST REPEAT WINNER!!!

    I also want to credit dobber user Ďnightsí for helping with the in tournament stat tracking. There is no Yahoo or ESPN pool so to update stats requires good old fashion manual entry. Nights has offered again this year and always does a great job.

    Points only for skaters
    Goalies Wins = 2, OLT = 1, SO = +2
    The only points that count are those in games that lead to a medal (round robin and playoffs). This does include the bronze medal game. Relegation round or 5th-6th seeding games are NOT included.

    12 forwards, 6 d-men, 2 goalies + 1 captain (total 21 players)
    Only 5 players from any one nation (including all positions and captain) so you canít load up on one or two nations.

    The position of 'Captain' was introduced to further enhance the diversity of the picks. I have selected a few highly regarded players in tournament and you can only pick one (they are not available for the other forwards positions). This year the 6 captain are:
    Mitchell Marner CAN
    Dylan Strome CAN
    William Nylander SWE
    Auston Matthews USA
    Mikko Rantanen FIN
    Pavel Zacha CZE

    Respect and bragging rights.

    In the attached in the next post is a .zip file in which I have put a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. From here you can use the pull-down menus to pick you team. The spreadsheet counts the number of players from each nation. Once you have selected your 21 players save the excel file with your username and email it to me. My email is reeveta at gmail dot com. Please put 'World Junior Pool' in the title so it will be easy to spot in case your email gets caught as spam.

    If you don't have Microsoft Excel your other option is to email me with the names (firstname lastname) of you entry in a list. The names must be spelled exactly as found on the roster from the website. This make it possible for me to cut and paste into excel. Be sure to count the number of players you have from each nation.
    If you donít have email and want to PM me please also make sure the full name is spelled correctly. Names I donít understand may be mistaken for depth players on Team Denmark.

    The deadline is before the drop of the puck for the first game.

    Every year a few people wanted to change their entries after they made them but before the deadline. This is not a big deal but it is something I would like to minimize because it opens it up for me to make a mistake. The best plan is to wait until closer to the start of the tournament to make your entry. However, if you have to change it I will accept it up until the deadline.

    I have done the best I can to get the up-to-date rosters but these rosters are pre-cuts for some teams and there may be errors. I take no responsibility for you picking players that don't play.

    If player is not on the pull down list but should be, add him in the 'write in' section. There shouldn't be many but if there are I am sorry. Every year a few people put a write-in candidate that is one of the captain choices. Be sure to look there first.

    I am posting this December 17 at 4 pm eastern time so it couldn't hurt to check back in a day or two in case someone finds a mistake. Updates will be posted here.

    Please feel free to spread the word around the forums about this free challenge.
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    Default Re: 2014 World Junior Championship Pool

    Ya baby!

    10 Team, Points Only, Cash League

    25 Man Roster (no position), top 20 point getters count at end of month
    Keep 20/25 at seasons end, Cut 5 to FA for redrafting
    Goalie points W=2pt L=-1pt SHO=2pt

    Stamkos, Tavares, Eichel, Couture, Wheeler, Lee, Gusev, RThomas, Kucherov, Nugent-Hopkins, Burns, Zuccarello, JBoqvist, JSchwartz, KPalmieri, KConnor, Necas, Yandle, Point, Konecny, TBertuzzi, NSchmaltz, Vrana

    G- Vasilevskiy, Bobrovsky

    "Cleavage is like the sun. You can look, but dont stare.. Unless you're wearing sunglasses."

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    Default Re: 2014 World Junior Championship Pool

    2014? we going back in time? this should be easy...

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    Default Re: 2014 World Junior Championship Pool

    Quote Originally Posted by praba View Post
    2014? we going back in time? this should be easy...
    Sorry, some fool mod fixed the title so now we have to try an predict stuff....

    ~ I'm not a sociopath, it's just that my magnetic personality keeps throwing off my moral compass.~

    WHL - World Hockey League (24-Team Daily H2H)
    Weighted Scoring: G(1),A(1),PPP(0.5),+/-(0.5), SOG/PIM/HIT/BLK(all 0.05), FOW-C(0.01)

    Victoria DH
    C(3): Toews, Johnson, Zibanejad
    LW(3): Henrique, Burakovsky, Hymen
    RW(3): Toffoli, Callahan, Palmieri
    F(3): Bouma, B. Boyle, Roussell
    D(6): Doughty, Larsson, Bieksa, Vlasic, Franson, Stoner
    G(1): Talbot, Luongo
    Bench:, Nesterov (D), Schelmko (D)

    Prospects(10): Bjorkstrand, De La Rose, N. Rod, Dvorak
    Lehkonen, Hagg, Lindell, Oesterle, Sorokin

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    Default Re: 2015 World Junior Championship Pool

    Actually the 2015 U20 World Junior Championships is long over. The one that starts next week is the 2016 championship.

    Looking forward to the pool.

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    Default Re: 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

    And we're back baby!

    Just so everyone is aware, the first puckdrop is on Saturday, December 26th, at 7 AM EST. Russia against the Czechs.

    In other news, glad to see 2 Leaf prospects as captains this year.
    UDL - 16 Team H2H - Dynasty
    Start 3 C/LW/RW each, 5 D, 1 Util, 2 G

    Roster i
    C - Backstrom, Stepan, Galchenyuk (LW), Nielsen, B. Richards(LW), Bonino,
    LW - NFoligno, EKane, Tatar, Higgins,
    RW - Kessel, Carter, Hossa, Rieder
    D - Weber, Rielly, Faulk, Green, Voynov, Franson, Connauton
    G - Lundqvist, Rask, Gustavsson
    Farm : Nylander, Kabanov, JLarsson, Frk, Hellberg

    UHL - Detroit Red Wings
    24 team Dynasty - 3C/LW/RW/F, 6D, 1G.

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    Default Re: 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

    YES YES YES! I've been waiting for this to come back for weeks!

    Reeveta doesn't get enough credit for running this. And I know Nights has been a big help in the past as well. As I write this I see he is helping out again.

    HUGE kudos to you both.

    2010 & 2014 WJC Pool Champion

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    Default Re: 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

    Right on. Working on my team right now. Woo

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    Default Re: 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

    Thanks for fixing the title. It is true that I do live in the past but if that was the case I should have but 1996.

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    Default Re: 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

    Thanks for organising this again, looking forward to it. Surprisingly, I managed third place last year so need to remember where I did my research haha!

    For the first time, I'm going to be at the tournament - got tickets to both semifinals, the bronze and gold medal games. Hope Canada makes it that far! Can't wait.

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    Default Re: 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

    This looks like fun - can't wait
    WHL - World Hockey League (24-Team Daily H2H, Salary Cap)
    Weighted Scoring: G(1),A(1),PPP(0.5),+/-(0.25), SOG/PIM/HIT/BLK(all 0.05), FOW-C(0.01)

    Fresno Firebirds
    C(3): Larkin, Backlund, Bonino
    LW(3): Coleman, N. Foligno, Hagelin
    RW(3): Fiala, Rust, Chaisson
    F(3): Richardson (C); M. Foligno (LW), Perlini (RW)
    D(6): Trouba, Nurse, Sanheim, Gudas, Dillon, Pelech
    G(1): Hart

    Reserve(6): Hutton (G), Blackwood (G), Martin (LW), Hartman (RW), Greene (D), Seabrook (D)

    F: McKenzie (LW), Quenneville (LW), M. Strome (LW), Raddysh (RW), Beaucage (RW), Bjork (RW),
    D: Merkley, Bean, Lajoie, Hicketts
    G: Parsons, Point

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    Default Re: 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

    I've given away a third of my roster in the ramblings. Up to you guys to figure out the rest!
    Follow me on Twitter@SteveLaidlaw

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    Default Re: 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

    This should be a blast! I'm in
    Staff Writer for DobberHockey
    Associate Editor/Senior Writer and Scout for DobberProspects - Vancouver Canucks

    Keep on, keepin' on.

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    Default Re: 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

    This is terrific. Always love the tournament, the pool adds a little spice to it all. Thanks guys, I'm gonna take a shot, although most of the players in the tournament I've never heard of (:
    14 Team Roto; Keep 25; 12 F, 6 D, 2 G; 10 Farm; 5 Bench; 3 IR

    Scoring Cats: G, A, Pts, PIM, Hits, BS, SOG, F Points, D Points; Win+Ties+SO, GAA, SV%

    F: Palmiere, Aho, Guentzel, Couture, O'Rielly, Kucherov, Dadonov, Barkov, Comtois, Lowry, Tatar, Hornqvist

    D: Jones, Ristolainen, Barrie, Pietrangelo, Yandle, Edmundson

    G: F Anderson, Griess

    BENCH: Vrana, Saros, Fischer, Reilly Smith, Carrier, Dunn

    FARM: Svechnikov, Howden, Aston - Reese, Bjork, Johnsson, Juulsen, McCleod, Fabbro, Jack Campbell, Copley

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    Default Re: 2016 World Junior Championship Pool

    Could have sworn I won this pool one year! I demand my recognition .. this is my favourite time of the year and this pool just adds to it! Thank you!
    Straight Points keeper league. Keep 5 Forwards,3 defence,1 goalie.

    F: Nicklas Backstrom, Joe Thornton, Henrik Zetterberg, Zach Parise, Logan Couture

    D: Erik Karlsson, Alex Pietrangelo, Oliver Ekman-Larsson

    G: Sergei Bobrovsky

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