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Thread: Patience with Leafs Rebuild Already Running Out

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    Default Patience with Leafs Rebuild Already Running Out

    The Leafs began their rebuild nicely by moving Clarkson and firing Nonis, but then, aside from Franson and Kessel, not much has happened. So rebuild What rebuild? Do we really have to watch Bozak for another season.........

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    Default Re: Patience with Leafs Rebuild Already Running Out

    The only person that patience is running out with is the writer of the article.

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    Default Re: Patience with Leafs Rebuild Already Running Out

    yeah come on really?? you cannot blow up a team overnight and epect to get fair value on the return.
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    play 4c/8w/6d/1G (2min start)/6 bench/
    C: Hughes, Zacha, Howden, compher, Tierney, Frederic
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    D: Hughes, Ceci, Pelech, oleksiak, Holden, Poolman
    G: Markstrom, Oettinger,
    P:Rossi,Bowers,Heponiemi,Kupari,Wise,Dorofeyev,Fir stov,Clarke,Fortin,holloway,Nygard,Aberg,Rasmussen ,Elynuik,M.Jones,Chlapik,Platzer,Bracco,Kuokkanen, Lind,Liljegren,J.Roy,Montembeault,Raaymakers,Woll, prosvetov,Larmi

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    Default Re: Patience with Leafs Rebuild Already Running Out

    I didn't even bother to read the article.

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    Default Re: Patience with Leafs Rebuild Already Running Out

    Sadly I did read the article. I am wondering how much research actually went into the article.

    He suggests that we play all our young D and part with all our vets, but there is no consideration for the potential for mass failures at the NHL level if they are rushed. Whereas he is content to send Marner back to the minors, he wants Brennan and Frattin on the roster? There is seemingly no thought towards developing a development system and having players enjoy a modicum of success prior to making the jump to the NHL.

    Finally, where is the mention of all the 1-year cheap veteran contracts that will undoubtedly be shopped at the trade deadline to garner more draft picks.

    It seems to me that someone needed to get "maple leafs", "rebuild" and a few cheap shots at Phaneuf to get a story "published" this week.

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